2010 Gold Award: ABC 2009 Year in Review

Annual Report

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Judge’s Comments: This report is tastefully bold, beautifully written, planned with precision, and designed throughout as a smart salute to its audience of builders and contractors. Consider the cover: A denim-clad arm clutches both a roll of construction plans and a blazingly yellow hard hat adorned with the association’s ABC logo. Rarely has an association publication captured the essence of its members’ work and professional life so neatly, so accurately, and so appealingly. The report is so cleverly crafted that the reader remains eager for more even after finishing it and knowing that he or she has been thoroughly briefed.
Photographs of members and association executives are ruggedly dynamic, with each face in sharp focus. Photos of tools of the trade are used discreetly throughout to provide handsome breaks in copy as needed. The Year in Review is sturdily constructed. Heavy glossy stock is used for both façade and inner walls. Associated Builders and Contractors has given its members a report that excels on all counts: Appearance, Style and Contents. It is targeted precisely to its member needs and interests, and it should be a highly effective tool in membership recruitment and retention. Used as an advocacy tool, it should have a warm reception on Capitol Hill and in statehouses.

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Associated Builders and Contractors
ABC 2009 Year in Review
Contact: Kinsey Cooper

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Slice, Graphic Design Firm
Dick Rabil, President
Gaithersburg, Maryland
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