2011 Silver Award: State of the Industry 2011

Annual Report

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Judge’s Comments: Even though the PCA told us up-front that this was more a “state of the industry” report than an annual report in the traditional sense, the incorporation of both aspects was totally seamless throughout the document.  While not necessarily the “sexiest” document in terms of paper choice and inspirational layout (see the 1st Place winner), this report received top marks for overall effectiveness, had a very pleasing layout, was exceptionally easy to read – and was informative!  There was a lot of information, both about the cement/concrete industry and the Association itself, yet it was interesting even to a lay person and never overwhelming.  This report also received extra points for its use of several QR codes throughout, which added to the overall experience.

Entrant Details
Portland Cement Association
State of the Industry 2011
Contact: Mr. Bruce McIntosh

Credited Vendors & Partners
New Reality Media, Communications Firm
Al Perlman, al@newreality.com

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