2012 Bronze Award: Asphalt Institute 2011 Annual Report

Annual Report

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Judge’s Comments: This entrant was far and away the “sexiest” of all of the entrants, with its silk paper and minimalist exterior graphics, and it ran a very close third to the second place winner for some of the same reasons – well written text and coverage of accomplishments. The interior graphic design was fabulous and internally consistent, although was a different look than what we had expected from the cover and the first few pages. This association clearly values each of its members and affiliates – as indicated by the inclusion of their logos on the first two-page spread. And the introduction was one of the best statements of mission and vision that we’ve read. This earned extra points because this is one of the most important qualities of a document that is often used in the recruitment of new members. However, it was somewhat text heavy and the fact that there were so many uncaptioned photos was diminished the effectiveness of including them.

Entrant Details
Asphalt Institute
Asphalt Institute 2011 Annual Report
Contact: Ms. Tracie Schlich

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