2012 Gold Award: Celebrating the Journey: 30 Years of Conservation Success

Annual Report

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Judge’s Comments: The beautiful photography in this report achieves a synergistic balance not only with the mission of the organization, but also the theme of the report, which is a subtle, yet exuberant statement of the incredible, hard-fought and, perhaps, most importantly, cumulative successes of the past 30 years. Not to mention the fact that all of the photographs are of the landscapes preserved through the Alliance’s hard work and some of the people who have been instrumental in making that happen. Perhaps the best way to describe it is “understated elegance”. It doesn’t really have a design theme, preferring instead the simplicity of a little text and lots of white space juxtaposed with oversized photos. The content is somewhat of a departure from the typical annual report – although all of the elements are there: introduction, accomplishments, financial information. However, it is the very unique and, frankly, moving, way that the organization chose to present that information that made this report stand out among all of the others. There are short, concise lists of the Alliance’s accomplishments accompanied by personal statements of those aforementioned people and photos of them in the environments they have worked to protect. This is one of the most effective statements of commitment to an organization’s mission and purpose that we have ever seen. Finally, in addition to all of the above and despite this being one of the shorter entrants in the category, we believe they found a way to acknowledge almost all of the people and organizations that made their work possible in a non-overwhelming way.

Entrant Details
Land Trust Alliance
Celebrating the Journey: 30 Years of Conservation Success
Contact: Ms. Christina Soto

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