2010 Gold Award: Practice Opportunities Online

Career Resource for Members

Practice Opportunities Online

Judge’s Comments: This site is designed to match AAO members with practices and providers interested in partnerships. The site allows for a range of listings both for “Seekers” and for “Providers” to post resumes, associate openings and practice sales. This one-stop shop design makes it an incredibly powerful resource for AAO members. Overall the site is easy to navigate, dynamic and completely confidential.

Entrant Details
American Association of Orthodontists
Practice Opportunities Online
Contact: Merleen Holman

2010 Gold Award: ASHRAE K-12 brochures

Production of an Association Piece

ASHRAE K-12 brochures

Judge’s Comments: This 3 part educational piece designed for ASHRAE aims to teach kids at a range of ages about HVAC and how it relates to conservation. The designs for each group are age appropriate and manage to make learning about HVAC and conservation cool, no pun intended.

Entrant Details
American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers/Kellen Company
ASHRAE K-12 brochures
Contact: Melba Searcy

Credited Vendors & Partners
Kellen Company, Management Firm
Frank Skinner, Account Executive
Atlanta, Georgia

Kellen Company, Management Firm
Melba Searcy

Kellen Company, Management Firm
June Price

2010 Gold Award: Not the Usual Holidays Holiday Cards and E-cards

Supplier Promotion to Associations

Not the Usual Holidays Holiday Cards and E-cards

Judge’s Comments: These cards were great! Each one takes a holiday, some standard and some off-beat ones (think tax and arbor day) and presents it in an amazingly creative way. This promotion is the perfect way to display the creativity of their marketing firm.

Entrant Details
Fixation Marketing, Inc.
Not the Usual Holidays Holiday Cards and E-cards
Contact: Jean Whiddon

Credited Vendors & Partners
Innovative Technologies in Print, Printer
Kevin Ness, Sales Executive
Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania
(866) 487-8506 ext 403

2010 Gold Award: ift.org

Web Sites


Judge’s Comments: Head and shoulders above all institutional entries: design, content, navigation

Entrant Details
Institute of Food Technologists
Contact: Becki Ellis

Credited Vendors & Partners
LEC Ltd., Graphic Design Firm
Amanda Onyon, Design Director
Chicago, Illinois

2010 Gold Award: SWE Social Media Program

Social Media – Integrated, external campaign

SWE Social Media Program

Judge’s Comments: One of the keys to a fully integrated social media program is having a clear plan, with set objectives.  SWE (through the David James Group) recently completed an overhaul of their social media programs and were able to leverage their social media use, not only to increase their presence online but to engage mainstream media sources.

Entrant Details
Society of Women Engineers/David James Group
SWE Social Media Program
Contact: Ron Zywicki

Credited Vendors & Partners
David James Group
Rebecca Kruse
Oakbrook Terrace, Illinois

2010 Gold Award: SMPS Community Site

Social Media – Internal Use

SMPS Community Site

Judge’s Comments: Behind the password protective firewall is an impressive website, containing and facilitating member blogs, promoting education and collaborative thinking.

Entrant Details
Society for Marketing Professional Services (SMPS)
SMPS Community Site
Contact: Molly Dall’Erta

Credited Vendors & Partners
GoLightly, Software Developer
Sarah Golightly, CEO
Mill Valley, California

2010 Gold Award: Teaching Tools in Plant Biology

Educational Program

Teaching Tools in Plant Biology

Judge’s Comments: The Teaching Tools in Plant Biology online only feature is an excellent educational resource.  The site is well organized and very easy to navigate.  It is peer reviewed and updated monthly and each feature can be updated as the research in this field changes.  The well designed graphics are done in-house.  It is very clear that this teaching tool was well thought out, researched and executed.  It is a very user friendly and targeted educational program.

Entrant Details
American Society of Plant Biologists
Teaching Tools in Plant Biology
Contact: Mary Williams

2010 Gold Award: Memorial to Victims of Hartford Distributors Shooting

Commemoration / tribute

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Judge’s Comments: Congressman John Larson (CT-1), representing the city of Manchester, remembered the victims and called for a moment of silence on the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives. During his remarks, Rep. Larson said, “Eight men went to work that morning. Some of them followed in the footsteps of their fathers and brothers before them. This is a family business. Many of whom have served and worked in this family business for over 20 years.” By interweaving various images and video clips, the tribute highlights how the distributorship celebrated the victims’ lives and how the community persisted during a difficult time. Positioned as a tribute during NBWA’s 73rd Annual Convention General Session, there could not have been a no dry eye in the room. This is a great example of a tribute that delivers maximum value.

Entrant Details
National Beer Wholesalers Association
Memorial to Victims of Hartford Distributors Shooting
Contact: Rebecca Spicer

Credited Vendors & Partners
RHED Pixel, Inc., Communications Firm
Mark Weiser

2010 Gold Award: ABC 2009 Year in Review

Annual Report

ABC 2009 Year in Review

Judge’s Comments: This report is tastefully bold, beautifully written, planned with precision, and designed throughout as a smart salute to its audience of builders and contractors. Consider the cover: A denim-clad arm clutches both a roll of construction plans and a blazingly yellow hard hat adorned with the association’s ABC logo. Rarely has an association publication captured the essence of its members’ work and professional life so neatly, so accurately, and so appealingly. The report is so cleverly crafted that the reader remains eager for more even after finishing it and knowing that he or she has been thoroughly briefed.
Photographs of members and association executives are ruggedly dynamic, with each face in sharp focus. Photos of tools of the trade are used discreetly throughout to provide handsome breaks in copy as needed. The Year in Review is sturdily constructed. Heavy glossy stock is used for both façade and inner walls. Associated Builders and Contractors has given its members a report that excels on all counts: Appearance, Style and Contents. It is targeted precisely to its member needs and interests, and it should be a highly effective tool in membership recruitment and retention. Used as an advocacy tool, it should have a warm reception on Capitol Hill and in statehouses.

Entrant Details
Associated Builders and Contractors
ABC 2009 Year in Review
Contact: Kinsey Cooper

Credited Vendors & Partners
Slice, Graphic Design Firm
Dick Rabil, President
Gaithersburg, Maryland
301-519-8101 x101

2010 Gold Award: Advertising/Marketing Online Toolkit

Book / Manual / Catalog

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Judge’s Comments: Extremely well thought out piece offering a range of customizable educational and advertising tools for its users. The site is easy to navigate yet still comes equipped with a video tutorial demonstrating the ease of use and how to incorporate a variety of marketing options. A great tool for the technologically savvy or inexperienced user.

Entrant Details
American Association of Orthodontists
Advertising/Marketing Online Toolkit
Contact: Pamela Paladin