2010 Bronze Award: SGMA 2010 National Health Through Fitness Day Briefing Book

Production of an Association Piece

SGMA 2010 National Health Through Fitness Day Briefing Book

Judge’s Comments: This piece has a clean and organized layout.  It highlights important statistics through eye-catching charts, drawing the audience’s attention to the most relevant issues in health and wellness, fitness, and physical education. Great quotes used throughout.

Entrant Details
The Sporting Goods Manufacturers Association (SGMA)
SGMA 2010 National Health Through Fitness Day Briefing Book
Contact: Lauren Wallace

Credited Vendors & Partners
Traypml, Printer
Jason Weigle, Account Manager
Glen Burnie, Maryland
(866) 872-9249

2010 Bronze Award: foothealthfacts.org

Web Sites


Judge’s Comments: Coherent design for complex options, great apps, e.g., Where Does It Hurt?

Entrant Details
American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons
Contact: Melissa Matusek

Credited Vendors & Partners
Davis Design, Web Designer
Matt Davis
Holland, Ohio

Server Side, Software Developer
Patrick Poer, Director, Software Development

2010 Bronze Award: 2011 International CES

Social Media – Integrated, external campaign

2011 International CES

Judge’s Comments: The Consumer Electronics Association has utilized the major social networks effectively. They even have dedicated twitter accounts for various chapters. The CEA also maintains an impressive blogs, containing relevant content and clearly directing people to more social media use.

Entrant Details
Consumer Electronics Association
2011 International CES
Contact: Allison Fried

2010 Bronze Award: IALD Social Media Strategy

Social Media – Internal Use

IALD Social Media Strategy

Judge’s Comments: IALD takes a different approach to social media. While their program is extensive and impressive, they’ve begun to use tradition outreach to boost their new media presence. They’ve created a mailing promoting Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin, three vital social media tools.  The mailing explains the benefits, the reasons and an explanation of how to use each social network. It’s a very clever way to support and propel association members into the world of social media.

Entrant Details
International Association of Lighting Designers
IALD Social Media Strategy
Contact: Jennifer Jones

Credited Vendors & Partners
Parameter Design, Graphic Design Firm
Carol Calacci

YES Print, Printer
Barry Weiss

2010 Bronze Award: It’s All about Membership

Educational Program

It's All about Membership

Judge’s Comments: This training resource is an excellent resource tool for recruiting new members to the American Farm Bureau Federation.  The DVD is well produced and it includes several testimonials from members about the importance of recruiting new members for the organizations.  These testimonials are personal and should encourage members to embrace the recruitment programs.  The package also includes leader guides, workbooks and case studies that have high production quality.  The entire resource is well researched and very user friendly.

Entrant Details
American Farm Bureau Federation
It’s All about Membership
Contact: Margaret Wolff

Credited Vendors & Partners
Furnace MFG, Printer
Kelly Sadler

2010 Bronze Award: American Mosquito Control Association – The 75 Year History

Commemoration / tribute

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Judge’s Comments: This is a very detailed collection of events commemorating the association’s 75 years of existence and its growth. With organizational chronology, past presidents, awards, annual meetings, and public outreach example—mosquito control is captured for posterity. It has the feel of a yearbook. The unique treatment of the paper stock was a nice touch as were the archived photos.

Entrant Details
American Mosquito Control Association/Association Headquarters
American Mosquito Control Association – The 75 Year History
Contact: Mark Denato

Credited Vendors & Partners
Association Headquarters, Management Firm
Mark Denato, Art Director
Mount Laurel, New Jersey

2010 Bronze Award: 2009 ASA Annual Report

Annual Report

2009 ASA Annual Report

Judge’s Comments: Spritely and discreet, Strong. Smart. Successful walks its audience through a year filled with the achievements of an association awake to opportunities for the advancement of the vital profession it represents. The report offers strong advocacy for the profession, smart writing and design, and assurances that its management to is keyed to success in all regards.
A “Looking Ahead” page emphasizes pledges to strengthen and improve the association’s communications by: (a) expanding its Simulation Education Network and offering educational Webinars, podcasts and other distance-learning programs; (b), completely revamping the association Web site to make it more informative and user friendly; and (c), matching the technology available with the needs of members.
The perpendicular format makes possible the use of full-page color photographs of members in action. It opens immediately with the inside front cover and page 1 devoted to an introduction to the association’s past and future. It is signed by four activist officers.
In sum, the report is as practical and as neat as an anesthesiologist’s gown and as sharp as the needle he or she may have to use.

Entrant Details
American Society of Anesthesiologists
2009 ASA Annual Report
Contact: Dawn Glossa

Credited Vendors & Partners
Lake County Press, Printer
Bob Opeka, Sales
Waukegan, Illinois

2010 Bronze Award: Curriculum 21: Essential Education for a Changing World

Book / Manual / Catalog

Curriculum 21: Essential Education for a Changing World

Judge’s Comments: Visually appealing graphics and paper selection. The layout is clean and concise and typography is easy to read. The topic is current and addresses a global audience.

Entrant Details
Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development
Curriculum 21: Essential Education for a Changing World
Contact: Julie Houtz

Credited Vendors & Partners
United Book Press, Printer
Tim Dilli

2010 Bronze Award: RCMA Who’s Who in Religious Conference Management 2010-2011

Membership Directory

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Judge’s Comments: Like the tabs; well-organized and easy to use; good use of indices; professional looking; ads are not intrusive

Entrant Details
Religious Conference Management Association/Documation LLC
RCMA Who’s Who in Religious Conference Management 2010-2011
Contact: Deb Schaaf

2010 Bronze Award: ADA Member Benefits Guide

Membership Promotion Kit

ADA Member Benefits Guide

Judge’s Comments: Consistent branding throughout the piece reaching out to a wide range of individuals. Graphics are clean and well organized. The staggered tabs make the brochure easy to follow and locate information.

Entrant Details
American Dietetic Association
ADA Member Benefits Guide
Contact: Georgia Gofis