2006 Bronze Award: Ceramic Tile Distributors Association

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Association: Ceramic Tile Distributors Association

Category: 01.2 Trade Association Magazine, Small Budget

Publication: TileDealer magazine, March/April 2006 issue

Primary Contact: Janet Arden – Editor

AMC: CM Services, Inc.

Designer: West Loop Media Eric Liao

Award: Bronze

Year: 2006

2006 Gold Award: Assisted Living Federation of America / Stratton Publishing & Marketing Inc.

Assisted Living Executive

Association: Assisted Living Federation of America

Vendor: Stratton Publishing & Marketing Inc.

Category: 01.2 Trade Association Magazine – Association total budget up to $1-million

Publication: Assisted Living Executive

Primary Contact: Marlene Hendrickson – Publications Manager

Award: Gold

Year: 2006

2006 Bronze Award: TSEA (Trade Show Exhibitors Association)

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Association: TSEA (Trade Show Exhibitors Association)

Category: 01.2 Trade Assn Magazine – Assn total budget up to $1-million

Publication: About Face–The Journal of Face-to-Face Marketing

Primary Contact: Betsy Carnahan – editor, About Face

Award: Bronze

Year: 2006