2011 Bronze Award: AAHPM 2011 Progress Report

Annual Report

canadian hospital pharmacy residency board

Judge’s Comments: This is a good, solid annual report.  The main reason it ranked over some other reports that might have had better paper or snazzier designs is that it received top marks in all of the judging areas and is representative of what every non-profit organization’s report should strive to be, and even can be – regardless of whether it’s an in-house product or designed by a graphics professional.  It gives the appearance of high-quality, without giving the impression of excessive cost.  The layout (including the consistent and pleasing use of the organization’s tree logo) is simple, yet attractive. The report has a professional style, but the bright colors also give it an uplifting tone.  The content is solid, and, like the other two winners, the writing is concise, yet conveys much significant information.  It also contains a QR code that links to an innovative video the association produced to educate the public about hospice and palliative care.  Finally, as with the 1st and 2nd place winners, this report demonstrates a perfect balance between conveying industry information and association operating information.

Entrant Details
American Academy of Hospice and Palliative Medicine in partnership with Association Management Center
AAHPM 2011 Progress Report
Contact: Ms. Katie Macaluso