2012 Silver Award: International Dairy Foods Association Progress Report 2012

Annual Report

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Judge’s Comments: This entrant made the “possible winners” pile on the first run through. The graphics on the cover were seamlessly integrated with the internal content. The paper was high quality, yet not extravagant and it had a comfortable feel – very smooth and pleasing to hold. In terms of layout and style, the cover design was simple yet colorfully attractive and carried over very well throughout the document, yet wasn’t just the same design repeated over and over inside. The text was well-written and we liked the way that the action verbs on the cover corresponded to each of the sections of the document, as well as the way each two-page spread provided complete coverage of a different aspect of the association’s operations and achievements without using an overwhelming amount of text. The title indicated that this was a “Progress Report” and the content not only lived up to reporting on the association’s progress in the past year, but created a feeling that this progress was definitely an on-going characteristic, especially with regard to its work on behalf of its members.

Entrant Details
International Dairy Foods Association
International Dairy Foods Association Progress Report 2012
Contact: Mr. Marti Pupillo

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CSG Creative, Communications Firm
Megan Hall, mhall@csgcreative.com