October 22, 2017
    Association revises dues structure...again

    American Society of Newspaper Editors will return to a graduated dues structure after smaller news organizations conveyed that they could not afford the current flat rate.

    Under the new plan, dues will top out at $395 annually for news leaders at the largest organizations. ASNE slashed rates most dramatically for small news organizations. For instance, annual dues for top editors at newspapers with circulation of fewer than 25,000 were cut by 68 percent, from $295 to $95. Some dues rates go as low as $75. The new plan also offers more discounts for bundling memberships.

    ASNE will give refunds to those members who already paid dues that are higher than the new rates. Those who have paid less in dues will not be billed under the new rates until 2013.

    In 2009, ASNE moved from a graduated dues rate to a flat rate of $295 for all active members. Details: www.asne.org.

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