September 25, 2017
    Get your head ‘into’ the cloud: The financial benefits of cloud computing

    Times are tough, and more so today than at any time in the near past, everyone is concerned about maxing out opportunities to save money.

    One way associations can save is to employ “cloud computing,” a wave in technology that is designed to save money as well as physical space on your computers. This new approach to computing services also offers users, including associations, greater options in what technology, such as software, they are able to use.

    What is cloud computing? Simply, it is a space on the Internet that houses software that associations can lease (as opposed to having to buy), much like the concept of Software as a Service, or SaaS. The difference is, cloud computing also offers users storage space, where they can upload sizable data records, among other things.

    The amount saved by cloud computing is apparent here: no more buying software and the steady streams of updates. No more purchasing computers that have large capacity for which to store data or programs, and having to figure out how to add more space when needed. And because these clouds are becoming increasingly located in parts of the world where it is less expensive to house them, the cost to use cloud services continues to stay steady or decline.

    With the greater capacity that cloud computing offers, associations may access their information, including finances, anywhere at anytime, without having to worry whether a server is down. Be assured, too, that partners, such as banks and other financial services, are turning to cloud computing, not only for their own benefit but for their clients, as well.

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