October 23, 2017
    Associations to increase spending in technology and social media, though unsure of ROI

    According to the TRENDS 2010 Fall Association PULSE Report, association executives will increase spending in technology and social media, despite being unsure of the return on investment. They also do not see either as a top focus area.

    When asked their plans on spending in specific areas, 56.7% of association executives say they would increase spending on social media, followed by 47.8% on technology. However, 53.5% were not sure if they had a good return on investment from social media. 27.9% said ROI was good in social media.

    Executives clearly see social media as an area to support - implementation has increased over three PULSE surveys - but other data shows social media is not a top priority. Asked where they will concentrate the most time and money, trade association executives reported increased spending on unspecified projects or items (24.7%).

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