October 22, 2017
    ASAE cuts frequency of member magazine

    A la carte approach for digital content, including choice of frequency


    Starting in September/October, ASAE will publish bimonthly its flagship magazine, which had been published monthly. But digital content will be delivered in a more a la carte way with members deciding on its frequency.

    Editor in chief Julie Shoop said it was a "business decision" to change the frequency of Associations NOW, the print magazine, citing “significant revenue decline” and increasing postage costs. Shoop said ASAE was "looking for a sustainable model in a world where we still have print." Members were notified in September of the decision. Shoop expects the page size to be bigger than the 68 pages the magazine averaged recently.

    She said the five staff dedicated to the magazine stay intact. Senior editor Mark Atahitakis left coincidentally for reasons that took him out of the area. He will freelance for the magazine.

    ASAE is also implementing a new way for members to receive digital content. Previously, the members could sign up for 14 different e-newsletters. Now, the content from all those newsletters will be available in one e-publication called Associations NOW Plus. Members are able to choose which news they want to receive and how frequently - weekly, monthly or quarterly. ASAE is working with Higher Road Solutions on the digital end. The daily Associations NOW email will continue.

    Shoop would not discuss how the decision affected the budget but said print costs will decrease.

    Associations NOW is an award-winning publication, including in the TRENDS All Media Contest, in which it has won best magazine and most improved in the past. The early bird deadline for the TRENDS 2013 All Media Contest is Oct. 14. For details and to enter, go to www.AssociationTRENDS.com/allmedia.

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