October 23, 2017
    New Center for Exhibition Industry Research report: Here is where meeting attendance starts

    Digital technology has given rise to self-service preferences


    Your website is a key source for prospective attendees to decide whether to attend your event. Self-service options for event check-in also are becoming popular.

    These among the findings of the first report of the CEIR Digital Toolkit, a series of reports produced by the Center for Exhibition Research to offers insights on the digital experience attendees want to have, from searching for prospective events to attend to pre-event planning, needs on-premise and follow-up communication preferences.

    Key findings:

    • A digital multichannel mix is a must to help prospective attendees decide whether to attend an event. Results indicate an exhibition organizer's information sources carry the most weight; the event's website is its flagship marketing vehicle, identified as an important resource by 70 percent of attendees.

    • Organizers could do a better job in collaborating with their exhibitors, as any information from them helps persuade an attendee to come.

    • The exhibition website is the gateway to an event. Attendees engage in extensive pre-event planning. A majority of attendees rate 17 of the 18 listed preshow planning tools as important to have access to on the exhibition website. They are looking for interactive tools to search, sort and evaluate all aspects of attending and sign up for events and services if they so choose. They also want to be able to pull down the information they need for their visit as well as access to an attendee list.

    • When comparing attendee preferences to digital options organizers offer for badge and event ticket pick-up, gaps are uncovered that offer opportunities. The biggest opportunity is an affinity for self-serve options.

    The report offers results relating to gamifying pre-event planning. Also, the report uncovers unique preferences by gender, age, frequency of attending, purchasing authority, organizational size and industry sector. Details, click here

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