January 18, 2017
Nonprofit CFO Awards

    Each year the CFO Awards recognize the often unsung leadership role CFOs have in the important works nonprofits do, working generally behind the scene as a key supporter of the executive director, to keep the organization moving forward.

    • CFO of Year — awarded to an outstanding CFO, currently making a vital contribution to the leadership of a well-recognized nonprofit, as right hand of the executive director and mentor of the team – someone who has impact on the performance of the whole organization and whose stature enables them to serve as an example of all that is best in the nonprofit world.
    • Rising Star — awarded to an outstanding CFO of a nonprofit 40 or under who has come to play a major leadership role, supporting the executive director, with significant initiatives in the development of their nonprofit.
    • Transformational Leader — awarded to an outstanding CFO of a nonprofit who has played a major role in the transformation of the operations of their nonprofit- not only in the financial department but also in broader operational areas, such as pioneering a significant major program, developing and implementing a technological breakthrough, or engineering a reorganization or merger.

    Nominations are accepted year round but all nominations for 2017 honorees must be submitted by August 1, 2017. Nominations are encouraged from Board Members, colleagues and suppliers.

    Join us in March in Washington, DC for the 2017 Nonprofit CFO of the Year Awards Luncheon. This annual event recognizes and honors the contributions of nonprofit financial executives who demonstrate a vision for operational excellence, innovation in finance and management, and exceptional leadership and commitment to improving accountability and financial reporting.

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