April 26, 2015

Finance News-in-Brief

Association News

National Air Transportation Association and the NATA Political Action Committee self-reported to the Federal Election Committee that NATA made and NATA PAC accepted prohibited contributions in the names of others, and that NATA PAC filed inaccurate disclosure reports. The organization must pay a $26.000 penalty and disgorge to the U.S. Treasury $65,000 in employee contributions that were reimbursed with NATA corporate funds. Also a former NATA VP who also was former NATA PAC assistant treasurer, was reported as responsible for administering the reimbursement arrangement resulting in 20 NATA employees making $214,353 in contributions to NATA PAC in their names using NATA corporate funds. In a separate conciliation agreement the former official must pay a civil penalty of $53,600.

Participation in the Nonprofit Compensation Report is now open. It's free to participate, and participants receive an executive summary. The full report will be available for purchase. There are DC and national reports. Details:national report; or DC-area report.

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