December 21, 2014

Government Relations News-in-Brief

Association News

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce enjoyed fantastic success in November’s elections. The Sunlight Foundation listed the Chamber as one of its “comeback kids” of 2014, with a success rate of 80 percent on candidates it supported or opposed.

Despite launching a significant advocacy campaign in an attempt to get an online sales tax passed during the current lame-duck Congressional section, it seems unlikely that the National Retail Federation will succeed. Speaker of the House John Boehner has ruled out passing the Marketplace Fairness Act during the current session, although the NRF says that this will not affect its campaign.

The American Gaming Association lauded National Basketball Association commissioner Adam Silver’s recent support of legal sports betting. Silver recently called on Congress to establish a legal framework for betting on professional sports with “strict regulatory requirements and technological safeguards.”

Numerous state and local associations have sent letters to Congress asking that they take action on tax extenders, arguing that “Failure to extend these provisions is a tax increase.” Groups who signed the letter include Indiana Cast Metal Association and the Propane Marketers Association of Kansas.

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