July 30, 2014

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U.S.-generated business travel spending is expected to increase 6.8 percent


More from the recent ASAE 2014 Marketing, Membership and Communications Conference

By Jeff Hurt |  07-16-2014

It changes how you invest in their conference experience and create new value

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Pam Inman, Lisa Simon, Chris Strong, Kathleen Blouin

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Roomer, International Association of Exhibitions and Events, Healthcare Convention & Exhibitors Association

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By Jeff Hurt |  05-16-2014

We don’t realize that our realities are often grounded in confirmation bias

By Donna Tschiffely |  06-18-2014

It all still nets down to value. At the 13th annual Exhibition & Conventions Executives Forum, founded and produced by Sam Lippman (left), a consistent theme throughout the day was that it’s not the strongest or the most intelligent who will succeed but those who can best manage change.


Hires program’s principal instructor after former association ceased operations

Association TRENDS