May 22, 2015

Membership News-in-Brief

Association News

 The Washington Restaurant Association and Washington Lodging Association are merging. The goal is to have the new organization - which has not yet been named - operational by Oct. 1. The groups have talked about possibly merging over the past three years. The lodging association has 515 members, and the restaurant association has about 5,700 member companies. The merged association will initially be based in Olympia.

Association of British Professional Conference Organisers has put in place a new membership accreditation process. An accreditation committee will now review applications in an effort to ensure a consistently high quality of membership. Previously ABPCO had only asked potential members for references, but the new system will now also pass every application onto the committee, which will assess whether the member meets the criteria for skills and experience in association conference organizing. The application form has also been updated to carry questions on areas of expertise such as financial probity.

Healthcare Convention and Exhibitors Association launched a new logo, which features three squares in three different colors representing the three member types: regular, associate and supporting.

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