July 07, 2015

Technology News-in-Brief

Association News

Two ISPs and four trade groups filed lawsuits in recent days to challenge the Federal Communications Commission’s decision—as part of the new net neutrality rules—to reclassify broadband as a regulated, common-carrier service, instead of its long-standing classification of broadband as a lightly regulated information service. The plaintiffs, in addition to accusing the FCC of violating administrative procedure, will argue the agency violated ISPs’ constitutional rights. The lawsuits come from two ISPs—AT&T and Alamo Broadband—and trade groups CTIA, U.S. Telecom Association, National Cable and Telecommunications Association and American Cable Association. The lawsuits were filed in two U.S. appeals courts, but will likely be combined.

National Confectioners Association will use Experient’s Engage Unified Mobile App as their event app for their 2015 Sweets and Snacks Expo. As the official registration provider for the event, Experient will tie the registration data to Engage, allowing event organizers the ability to track demographic data from registration and behavioral data from the mobile app and lead retrieval.


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