November 01, 2014

Technology News-in-Brief

Association News

American Telemedicine Association says Apple's new technology including the Health app, HealthKit and iWatch, are “major disruptive innovations in healthcare. The new products demonstrate how advanced telecommunications can be used to transform the delivery of health services by allowing consumers to seamlessly monitor their own health and fitness information, and ultimately share the data with their health providers….We look forward to seeing how empowering consumers in this new way changes modern healthcare delivery.”

Center for Advancing Retail & Technology and National Grocers Association announced a new online platform for the supermarket industry. The CART marketplace is designed to help the supermarket sector keep pace with technological innovations that are rapidly transforming the way people shop. The marketplace is a free resource for retailers, providing a place to discover new solutions, to learn from available white papers and case studies, and obtain guidance in the form of ratings and reviews provided by fellow retailers.

Sept. 30 is the deadline for the Web Marketing Association's international MobileWebAward competition. This award recognizes the individual and team achievements of Web professionals who create and maintain the best mobile websites and the best mobile applications. The entry form for this award program can be found at

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