Thursday, December 14, 2017

Association Social Media Report:
Adoption and Activity Levels, Rankings and Best Practices


Instagram Now Included!

Social media has the potential to revolutionize your association’s impact with member communications, event marketing, advocacy and networking. It also promises to make outreach less expensive.

Unfortunately, if you make the wrong choices about channels and practices, social media also has the potential to be an endless pit of wasted time and resources for your association and your staff.

Don’t risk building your strategy on anecdotal word of mouth about what other associations are doing. Here’s how to know what social media tactics will and won’t work before you invest time, resources and your reputation.

You need to know – with confidence -- what makes sense for your association.

But where can you find strategies, channels, challenges and expenditures in associations like yours? Plus, how do you stack up today on everything from website features and functionality to mobile initiatives?

Find out with the 5th annual Association Social Media Report: Adoption and Activity Levels, Rankings and Best Practices. Order your our copy today! We've added tracking of Instagram to this year's edition and have ranked the Top 25 Media Savvy Associations by Social Platform!

This authoritative report lets you benchmark your social media efforts against what 360 associations of varying staff and budget sizes are doing on the top 6 social media platforms, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Youtube, Instagram and Pinterest.

You’ll gain insights for improving your current website and existing social media efforts. Plus, you can benchmark by industry, budget, staff size and type of association to develop the right social media action plan for your association.
Order to get the statistics and analysis to answer your social media questions and put best practices to work, including:
Which associations are at “the top” in using social media
How your social media activity compares to them and to associations exactly like your own
How your peers are using Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram and Pinterest
What features and functionality are needed to keep your website robust
How and why associations are integrating mobile initiatives
Where you’re leading, lagging, and may want to broaden your reach
How to achieve the right mix of social media channels
Ready-to-use advice from peers who are enjoying social media success
The real-world information you need to plan, prioritize and budget for your association’s social media efforts

It’s easy to find general advice about how social media is being used, but “general” doesn’t always apply to the association community. Plus, social media channels and strategies that prove successful for some associations may not be the right fit for your own association’s members, budget, and mission.


You can’t risk resources or your reputation on trial and error. You must know where you stand now and then leverage your best social media opportunities. Remember, social media can have a major impact on the success of member communications, event marketing, advocacy and network facilitation.

Don’t risk falling behind! Use the Association Social Media Report to make the best decisions for moving forward. Order your report today!