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Battling Bad Board/Staff Relationships
Creating a Partnership That Furthers Your Organization’s Mission
Qualifies for 1.5 CAE Credits
Recorded on December 4, 2014



Could changing how you interact with your Board help your association enjoy greater success?

The fact is it can! That’s because your ability to build trust and communication with Board Chairs, committee chairs and other board members determines whether you spend your time putting out relationship “fires” and fighting stagnation, or achieving your mission.

If you already have a good relationship, here’s how to make it great. And if you have a troubled relationship, here’s how to reboot so you can start moving forward … faster!

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In this webinar, Bold Agenda’s Rena Henderson Mason reveals secrets for building a Board/CEO relationship that accelerates your association’s success. From how to reboot a troubled relationship with the Board Chair, committee chairs, chair-elects and other members, to how to make a good relationship great, you’ll learn tactics you can begin using immediately.

Take your relationship to a new level. Through case studies, you’ll gain real-world insights into how to troubleshoot any problems with behaviors, activities and work patterns. You’ll also discover simple ways to improve communication and build trust between you and your board. Plus, you’ll have the chance to ask your own questions during the Q&A portion of the webinar.

Reserve your space now to build a board/staff relationship that improves performance and makes it easier to achieve your mission, including:

  • Why your relationship with your board is so critical to your association’s future
  • What factors negatively affect the relationship—and how to fix them
  • The elements you must have in place to enjoy a positive, productive relationship
  • Specific steps for rebooting a troubled relationship
  • How to turn good relationships into next-level partnerships for driving success
  • And more

Bottom line: The quality of your relationship with the board can lead your association to stagnation or success. This webinar can make the difference!

Purchase the recording now of  Battling Bad Board/Staff Relationships.

Meet Your Webinar Leader

Rena Henderson Mason leads Bold Agenda, a consulting and executive coaching firm focused on empowering board and staff leaders to embrace change, push bold ideas and build great teams through a range of lifecycles. She is particularly interested in how the Board Chair/CEO relationship drives board performance. Currently, Rena serves on the membership-driven Arts Alliance Illinois board and brings knowledge of housing and social services through former board service. Prior to launching Bold Agenda, Rena spent over 20 years helping scale businesses in the food, real estate, publishing and investment banking industries. Rena has an MBA from Harvard Business School and Bachelor’s in Finance from Georgetown University. She is a BoardSource Certified Governance Trainer and experienced facilitator.

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Who Will Benefit

This webinar is of immediate value to associations, nonprofits, trade associations and any organization with a board. Attendees who will benefit the most include:

  • CEOs, COOs and CFOs
  • HR Directors and staff
  • Board Members
  • Board Chairs
  • Board Committee Chairs

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