Thursday, November 23, 2017

Connected PACs:
Understanding PAC Compliance and Communication Issues
Recorded August 6, 2015



Did you know that when PACs are connected to organizations, different solicitation and communication rules apply?

Not only are the rules different, some activities are reserved only for your PAC. If your organization engages in these same activities, you violate recent FEC rules and can face devastating fines. Plus, solicitation and communication methods that are permissible for the PAC may not be permissible for your organization to use. Different disclaimers and notices apply in addition to some other special considerations.

From fundraising to websites, endorsements, events and press releases, here’s how to know what is and isn’t permitted so you can increase your PAC’s success—without increasing your risk of FEC.

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In this 90-minute webinar, three experts on government relations and election law help you steer your organization and its connected PAC through today’s tough rules on solicitations and communications. You’ll learn who may be solicited, how, and what information must be given to them. You’ll also learn the fine-line distinctions for how contributions may be received and collected, and the different affinity or rewards programs that may be used.

Avoid costly PAC compliance failures.  You’ll gain troubleshooting guidance on which solicitation and communication activities are appropriate for your organization and which are strictly PAC-only. You’ll also benefit from strategies and tips to use—and traps to avoid—when interacting with members of Congress and the general public. Plus, you’ll have the chance to ask your own questions during the Q&A portion of the webinar. 

Reserve your space now for the know-how to keep your PAC successful and compliant, including:  

  • How recent campaign finance developments will affect PACs during the upcoming 2016 elections
  • Solicitation rules that apply to corporations, trade associations, and membership organizations
  • What solicitations methods are permissible, plus the special considerations which come into play when soliciting for political activities
  • Disclaimers and notices required for various types of solicitations and communications
  • Which activities are strictly PAC-only and which are permissible for corporations
  • Tips and traps when developing an effective solicitation and communication program

Remember, if you have a PAC connected to your organization, different rules apply for engaging in solicitations and communications. Don’t enter the 2016 election cycle without knowing what those rules are and how to keep your PAC—and compliance—successful.

Register now for Connected PACS: Understanding PAC Compliance and Communication Issues.

Meet Your Webinar Leaders
David P. Goch is a Partner in the Washington law firm of Webster, Chamberlain & Bean.  His practice includes all aspects of nonprofit law including: corporate, tax, antitrust, intellectual property, standards and certification, employment matters, and government relations, for which the firm has established a national reputation as being the leader in the field.  He has over twenty-four years experience working with nonprofit organizations of all sizes. Mr. Goch has represented numerous clients before the US Congress on legislative matters ranging from health care, to commercial law issues, electronic payment issues, transportation and privacy. Mr. Goch has a Bachelors degree from the University of Michigan and a J.D., with honors, from the University of Maryland School of Law.

Heidi K. Abegg is Senior Counsel at Webster, Chamberlain & Bean, LLP.  Her areas of expertise include federal, state and local election law and campaign finance law, federal and state lobbying registration and disclosure, ethics compliance, communication laws, and donor disclosure issues.  Ms. Abegg specializes in the integration of law and public policy, including the opportunities and challenges nonprofit entities face when engaged in government relations, grassroots advocacy, political campaigns, and strategic communications.

Hugh K. Webster is a nationally recognized lawyer who has served as an advisor to associations and other non-profit organizations, association management companies, as well as individual executives, for almost 20 years. With special expertise in governance, strategic, and operational issues, Hugh also works regularly in such diverse areas as employment (including executive employment), taxation, antitrust, contracts, standards and certification, code of ethics, publishing, and fiduciary obligations of directors and officers.

Who Should Attend
This webinar is of value to any entity that has a connected PAC, such as trade associations, association management companies, lobbying firms, law firms, and communication/advocacy/PR firms. Attendees who will benefit the most include:

  • Government relations professionals
  • PAC managers
  • Lobbyists
  • Lawyers
  • CFOs
  • CEOs

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