Thursday, November 23, 2017

Digital Badges:
Using “Portable” Credentials to Improve Workforce Development and Branding
Recorded on October 15, 2015



With certifications playing such an important role in workforce development, “digital badging” is becoming a powerful strategic tool for associations.  That’s because—unlike framed certificates that gather dust on walls or listings that get buried in resumés—sharing credentials digitally creates a triple win for associations:

  1. Greater power to hire candidates with the right skills and accomplishments
  2. Ability to offer digital credentials so employees can earn certifications faster and at lower cost
  3. Higher brand visibility (and value) by promoting digital credentials via social marketing

Ready to learn why your association should offer digital credentials, how to do it and how to promote them most effectively?  Here’s where to start.

Register now for Digital Badges: Using “Portable” Credentials to Improve Workforce Development and Branding.

In this 90-minute webinar, experts on digital badging explain how associations can turn digital credentials into an all-new asset for workforce development and for extending brand visibility and perceived value. Step by step, you’ll learn how to develop digital credentials and use them to hire—and develop—employees with the right skills and accomplishments to achieve your mission and strategic goals.

Benefits beyond traditional credentialing.  Through a live demo and review of real-world case studies, you’ll discover how to make digital badging part of your social media presence and how to use it to help professionals obtain certifications less expensively and in shorter amounts of time.  Plus, you’ll have the chance to ask your own questions during the Q&A portion of the webinar.

Reserve your space now to learn how to leverage the benefits of digital badging, including: 

  • How digital credentials help individuals advance their careers
  • How digital credentials help recruiters align job candidates’ skills with the needs of organizations
  • Why digital credentials are such a powerful asset for anyone involved in workforce development
  • How using digital credentials in social marketing can help associations expand their brand
  • The mechanics of claiming a digital badge and posting it on social media
  • How to apply social media metrics to quantify the impact digital credentials are having on brand extension

Don’t miss this opportunity to benefit from expert guidance on how to turn digital badging into a powerful tool for keeping your brand visible and keeping workforce aligned with your association’s specific needs and strategic goals. 

Register now for Digital Badges: Using “Portable” Credentials to Improve Workforce Development and Branding.

Meet Your Webinar Leaders
Kenneth Doucet is Professional Examination Service’s Director for Research, Innovation, & Enterprise Growth and has been doing business development and marketing in the credentialing space since 2002, and is a recognized expert on digital badging.  He is an inaugural member of the Badge Alliance’s Standard Working Group, and curates, a leading source of information on digital badges

Brett Herzog, Product Manager for Professional Examination Service, is a veteran product management and technology executive in the software/SaaS industry. He has served in numerous leadership roles for industry leading companies such as Thomson Reuters, Follett Corporation and Merrill Corporation. He is a member of the Badge Alliance’s Standard Working Group and leads ProExam’s digital credentialing platform – ProExam Vault.

Morgean Hirt, Director of Certification for the Association of Clinical Research Professionals (ACRP), brings over twenty years of nonprofit experience in personnel certification and accreditation across a variety of professions.  Morgean provides strategic leadership and technical expertise in developing and implementing credentialing programs, focusing on test development, establishing governance structures, policy and standards development, program audits, strategic planning and accreditation.  ACRP has three global certification programs for those involved in the development of new drugs, medical devices, therapies and procedures that save lives and improve the quality of life for those with chronic conditions.

Caitlin Herbert is the Director Member Experience Technology for the Institute of Management Accountants. Caitlin has worked at IMA for more than 12 years and has held various technology roles. She is responsible for rolling out IMA’s current digital credentialing program and has first-hand experience with the implementation from the user and organizational perspectives. 

This webinar is of value to membership associations, trade associations, and association management and consulting companies. Attendees who will benefit the most include:

  • Association Executives
  • Education and Training Staff
  • Credentialing and Certification Staff
  • Marketing Staff
  • Information Technology Staff
  • Communications Staff
  • Association Consultants

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