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For-Profit Marketing in a Non-Profit World:
New Tactics to Leverage Shifting Membership Demographics
Recorded on May 21, 2014



Getting the best value out of your membership means keeping current members and attracting new ones. Given today’s changing demographics and tough economics, that’s not so simple.

In many associations, a large number of Baby Boomer members are heading for retirement, while fewer young members are there to replace them. Competition for these potential young members is fierce and the traditional tactics for reaching them simply aren’t working any more.

But other tactics are producing results! In fact, associations that have adopted marketing techniques of for-profit companies are experiencing staggering success. Here’s how you can, too.

Register now for For-Profit Marketing in a Non-Profit World: New Tactics to Leverage Shifting Membership Demographics. In just 90-minutes, noted author and membership marketing guru Robert Skrob not only shows you which for-profit tactics are driving success for associations of all sizes, he maps out how to get these often simple techniques up and running in your own association.

New tactics + new performance from existing tools. You’ll learn how to leverage a powerhouse combination of old and new tactics. From renewals and marketing campaigns, to leveraging social media and improving email open rates, you’ll discover how to develop and maintain a robust stream of dues revenue.

Reserve your space now to transform membership marketing with a strategic new approach, including:

  • The single for-profit marketing tactic that can increase your results on every marketing campaign
  • How to create an inexpensive member benefit proven to attract new, younger members each month
  • The single best way to achieve the highest renewal rate in your association’s history
  • How to transform newsletters into powerful member retention tools
  • A proven trick that increases your email open rate while lowering unsubscribes
  • 5 response-boosting secret ingredients to include in every renewal letter
  • Real-world success tactics for using social media to drive recruitment and retention

Register now for For-Profit Marketing in a Non-Profit World: New Tactics to Leverage Shifting Membership Demographics.

Meet Your Trainer

Robert Skrob, CAE, CPA, President of Membership Services, Inc. – After starting his career within Association Management Company in 1993, Robert purchased the company in 1999, renamed it Membership Services, Inc., and specialized in membership marketing, recruitment, and retention. He has produced membership-marketing programs for associations in more than 37 different industries and has grown several associations to represent over 95% of their potential membership base. In addition to his marketing work within the association industry, his expertise is often sought out by for-profit companies interested in turning their customers into members and turning their buyers into a community. Robert often bridges the gap between the for-profit and non-profit world by applying the most successful techniques of each into his marketing campaigns. He is the author of five books on marketing and is a frequent presenter, coach and consultant in the marketing field.

Who Will Benefit

This webinar is of value to all associations seeking to increase their membership in the face of changing demographics and tighter competition. Attendees who will benefit the most include:

  • Association Director of Membership/Membership Outreach
  • Association Director of Communications
  • Association marketing staff
  • Association/nonprofit board members
  • Volunteer stakeholders

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