Sunday, November 19, 2017

How to Take a Stand in Real-Timeā€¦and Win:
Smart PR Strategies for Raising the Visibility & Value of Your Association Brand
Recorded on July 18, 2017


In today’s polarized America, is it good for your association to take a stand—especially on controversial issues?  Yes!  And here’s why:

Letting the public know where your industry stands on hot-button issues raises your brand’s visibility. It also raises your profile as a source for high-value research, information and inputs on critical industry concerns. The challenge is that taking a stand effectively means having the right messages and PR campaign ready to “go live” the moment your best opportunities arise.

Let one of today’s most successful PR and media experts show you how to do it!

Register today for Take a Real-Time Stand…and Win: Smart PR Strategies for Raising the Visibility and Value of Your Association Brand.

In this 90-minute webinar, award-winning PR authority Adele Gambardella-Cehrs shows you how to craft a comprehensive “take a stand” PR campaign that’s ready to deploy—in real-time—as opportunities arise. From the right messages to technologies for predicting trending stories, you’ll learn strategies for keeping your association brand in the public eye and visible to legislators and government agencies, too.

A vital edge in today’s polarized America.  You’ll discover how to amplify the success of PR and marketing efforts with a “take a stand” approach for boosting your recognition as an advocate and as a source for inputs and research on issues affecting your industry. You’ll also have the chance to ask this top-tier PR and media expert your own questions during the Q&A portion of the webinar.

Reserve your seat now to learn how to be ready to launch effective PR campaigns in real-time, including how to:

  • How to assess the risks of taking on controversial topics and determine which are worth that risk
  • Use technologies to predict trending stories to be ready the moment the opportunity arises
  • Prepare your executive staff to comment effectively (and “on brand”) about potential topics
  • Arm your government relations team with effective messaging and support materials to share with legislators and appropriate agencies
  • Incorporate audience listening into a comprehensive PR and marketing strategy
  • Know when and how to assert your brand at the most relevant time, place and channel
  • Mount a social media campaign that engages advocates and supporters

Remember, high-value opportunities for catching the public’s eye can arise quickly. What you learn in this webinar readies you to seize these opportunities--and win!

Register now for Take a Real-Time Stand…and Win: Smart PR Strategies for Raising the Visibility and Value of Your Association Brand.

Meet Your Trainer
Adele Gambardella-Cehrs, CEO of Epic PR Group, Gambardella-Cehrs is the author of SPIKE Your Brand ROI: How to Maximize Reputation and Get Results. As CEO of Epic, she has overseen the development of numerous award-winning local and national PR campaigns. A recognized authority in the public relations field, she is a regular contributor to the Wall Street Journal’s Crisis of the Week Column. She has been quoted in Forbes, Washington Business Journal, PR Week and the Washington Post and has appeared on CNN Headline News, NPR and Fox Business Network Happy Hour. She has also contributed to Association TRENDS.

Who Will Benefit
This webinar is of value to professional societies, trade associations and association management companies. Attendees who will benefit most include:

  • Communications VPs
  • Marketing officers
  • Public Relations directors and managers
  • CEOs (especially small staff)
  • Government Relations officers
  • Government Relations consultants

Register today for Take a Real-Time Stand…and Win: Smart PR Strategies for Raising the Visibility and Value of Your Association Brand.

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