Thursday, November 23, 2017

Engaging Millennials:
New Grassroots Advocacy Strategies for 2016 and Beyond
Recorded on February 02, 2016



The Millennials born between 1982 and 1995 are now the largest generation of Americans and a powerful voting bloc. Even beyond this year’s elections, Millennials will have a profound influence on our country’s direction. The question is: will you have the influence to turn Millennials into an asset for your grassroots advocacy efforts?  

To do it, you’ll need fresh, “entrepreneurial” strategies that resonate with this very different generation. You’ll need to understand what they value, how they think and how they communicate. You’ll need to harness Millennials’ activism, innovation and readiness to take matters into their own hands. And you’ll need strategies that make Millennials true partners in inspiring passion and making a difference.

Now, here’s the expert guidance you need to create this next-gen approach to advocacy.

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In this 90-minute webinar, you’ll learn how to sharpen your grassroots strategies to approach, inspire and engage Millennials. You’ll be guided by Sarah Sladek, a leading expert on the generational shift in values, communication styles and mindset that make Millennials so different and so pivotal to the success of your advocacy program during this election year—and for years to come.

The influence to shape the future.  From how Millennials like to self-organize campaigns, to their power as social entrepreneurs, you’ll learn how Millennials think. You’ll discover how to use these new insights to develop stronger advocacy efforts. You’ll also learn best strategies that can help you get new strategies up and running in time to have an influence on the upcoming elections.  Plus, you’ll have the chance to ask your own questions during the Q&A portion of the webinar.

Reserve your space now to discover how to turn Millennials into powerful assets for grassroots advocacy, including:

  • Best practices associations are using to approach Millennials and engage them in advocacy efforts
  • The trend toward social entrepreneurship and the strategies Millennials are using to inspire movements and create passion for causes
  • How to measure success and market your advocacy efforts in a way that resonates with Millennials

Remember, Millennials are the largest generation of Americans and the way they think, communicate and engage are different. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn Millennial-focused strategies for strengthening your grassroots advocacy—and success.

Register now for Engaging Millennials: New Grassroots Advocacy Strategies for 2016 and Beyond.

Meet Your Webinar Leader
Sarah Sladek is CEO of XYZ University, a company that is dedicated to helping organizations sustain by staying relevant to, and engaging the participation of, Generations X, Y, and Z. Sarah is the author of four books. Her latest book, Knowing Y: Engage the Next Generation Now (2014), provides advice on how to engage Generation Y, and delves into the economic shifts that have impacted their value systems and differentiated their communication, buying, and engagement behaviors. Sarah is co-founder and producer of the Next Generation Association iPortal, the first online, interactive curriculum designed to help associations grow membership and develop an engaging, future-focused membership strategy. Sarah’s expertise has been prominently featured in international media, including Forbes, Fast Company, and National Public Radio, and she has keynoted events worldwide.

Who Will Benefit
This webinar is of value to membership and trade associations, association consulting companies, grassroots advocacy and lobbying firms, foundations and any company trying to mobilize Millennials. Attendees who will benefit most include:

  • Association Executives
  • Advocacy Directors
  • Grassroots Advocacy Managers and Staff
  • Membership and Engagement Managers and Staff
  • Government Relations Managers and Staff
  • Advocacy Consultants
  • Communications Staff
  • Public Relations Staff 

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