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Millennials to Members eLearn Course
A self-paced online course to gain members, grow revenues, and stay relevant
Attendees earn 18 CAE Credits



The era of “nice-to-have” membership is over. Will your association survive?

The key is turning the ever-growing tide of Millennials into loyal, active members. That means you must leverage all-new value propositions and communication techniques as you prepare your association not only to manage change, but to embrace it.  

How will you master it all? Easily and at your own pace as a new eCourse helps you develop your “Millennial” skills, strategies and success.

In this 9-module online course, you’ll learn how to apply a comprehensive generational strategy to gain members, grow revenues and stay relevant as Millennials radically change the Association landscape. From new value propositions for recruitment and retention, to new ways of using technology, learning and leadership, you’ll discover how your association can create tangible value that turns even “back seaters” into active, highly engaged members.

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  1. The End of Membership as We Know It: Discover why the value of membership has shifted and pinpoint where your association is now and where it’s headed. Use the interactive tools to determine your association’s retention, loss, turnover, leadership attrition, and influence.
  2. Technology, Technology, Technology: Technology has become a defining member benefit—especially to Millennials. If your association isn’t using technology in every capacity of the way it operates, Millennials will fail to see any value in the membership. Learn how to capitalize on this must-have member benefit.
  3. Membership Starts with ‘Me’: If you want to change the world you have to start with yourself. This chapter features great tools for individual and team leadership development and explains how your association’s success rises alongside the success of the individuals working in and for the association.
  4. Capitalizing on Your Association’s Competitive Advantage: Many associations are struggling to show their value to Millennials and compete in the new economy. This chapter walks participants through the process of identifying and capitalizing on the association’s biggest competitive advantage—niche.
  5. Creating Must-Have Membership: The era of ‘nice-to-have’ membership is clearly over. This chapter delves into the creation of must-have membership, including member-centric missions and marketing campaigns and helps participants develop a future-focused mindset and relevance among younger generations.
  6. Culture Matters: Recruitment and retention capabilities are directly tied to membership experience. In other words, culture matters. This chapter will identify current successes and challenges within the association’s culture and participants will identify goals for improvement.
  7. Gaining Influence: Only 20% of members tend to be highly engaged (Ambassadors), while 50% are occasionally engaged (Back-Seat Sitters) and 30% are barely hanging on (Detractors). Now more than ever, your association needs to reach the ‘Back-Seat Sitters’. This chapter will show you how.
  8. What Your Association Needs to Know about X, Y, and Z: Associations that focus on the elements of leadership, learning, and making a difference stand a much better chance of engaging young members. Discover what they want from a membership and in the process learn how to create opportunities for members of all ages.
  9. Keep the Change: Amidst advancements in technology and economic and demographic shifts, it isn’t an option to keep doing things the way they’ve always been done. This chapter gets people on board with the concept of change and motivates the association’s movement in positive, innovative ways


Learn on your own schedule.  Using expert insights, videos and other interactive content, this eLearning format is designed specifically for busy association leaders and managers. As you move through the nine modules at your own pace, real-world case studies show you successful Millennial engagement strategies at work while best practices take the guesswork out of how to embrace change and Millennials. Upon completion, you’ll have 18 CAE credits plus technology guides, assessment tools, change plans and calculators to help you put your new knowledge into action.

Register now to master the tools and strategies for turning Millennials into highly engaged members, including how to: 

  • Create must-have membership
  • Prove the value of membership
  • Stay relevant to younger generations (without losing older members)
  • Get your association on board with the concept of change
  • Create a membership organization that survives and thrives

In addition, you’ll learn strategies you can apply in leadership development, team building, succession planning and more. It’s the must-have training you need to make generational change work for your association. And this top-caliber course makes it all so easy to master, even on your busy schedule!

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Meet Your Course Leaders

Membership and Millennials Expert Sarah Sladek started researching demographic shifts, talent turnover, and generation gaps in 2002. She has authored four books on the topic and numerous research papers. Sladek is the CEO of XYZ University, the only company in the nation focused on helping organizations engage younger generations. She is a sought-after speaker and consultant to organizations worldwide.

Change Management Expert Laura Goodrich is an internationally recognized expert in the field of workplace dynamics and relationships. She has over twenty-five years’ professional experience; nineteen of which she has spent as an innovator, speaker, coach, and consultant. Her global perspective on business and change have earned her the reputation as a “team fixer”; someone who can create positive outcomes in even the most challenging workplace dynamics.

Emmy Award-winning Producer Greg Steiver has directed and produced award winning feature length documentaries, Poles Apart and America Takes Flight, both appearing on PBS, and recently directed the new series Make Television for PBS. Honored with over sixty awards for his work, Greg Stiever is proud of receiving local, national, and international awards including Minnesota’s Oscar for Best Feature Film.

Who Should Take the Course

This online course is of value all membership organizations, especially those who are actively trying to recruit and retain Millennials.  Attendees who will benefit most include:

  • Executive Directors and C-Suite Executives
  • Directors of Membership
  • Directors of Marketing
  • Member Relations and Strategy Staff

Individual $419.00
Group (2-15 people) $309.00/person
Large Group (16+ people) Contact us for special pricing


CAE Credits: All students are eligible for 18 CAE credit hours. Association TRENDS is a CAE Approved Provider. Our programs meet the requirements for fulfilling the professional development requirements to earn or maintain the Certified Association Executive credential. We will maintain records of your participation in accord with CAE policies. For more information about the CAE credential or Approved Provider program, please visit