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Using Contracts to Get Better Protections, Savings and Services for Your Association
July 14, 2016 • 2:00-3:30 PM ET



Associations and nonprofits use contracts in every aspect of their operation.  Unfortunately, not all of those are “good” contracts. The fact is, it’s all-too easy to end up drafting and negotiating a contract that puts your organization at a disadvantage.

Confusing terms might accidently give away your copyright and content rights and open up chances for your association to unknowingly violate contract terms. During contract negotiations, you might not realize your power to request minor changes that could result in major cost savings or service improvements. Plus, you may not know the best ways to enforce your contractual rights.

Bottom line: entering into bad contracts can cost you an enormous amount of time and money. That’s why making sure your association gets good contracts can make such a difference.  Here’s where to start. 

In this 90-minute webinar, two contract experts from Whiteford, Taylor & Preston—Dorothy Deng and Megan Spratt—show association executives and their advisors how to turn specific contract terms and negotiation strategies into significant cost savings, higher-quality services and stronger legal protections.

Guidance on the contracts associations use the most.  From hiring vendors and recruiting speakers, to purchasing technology and entering into joint ventures, you’ll learn how to draft, negotiate and enforce good contracts. You’ll also learn how to avoid bad contracts that drain time and money, accidentally give away assets, and even set legal traps for your association. Plus, you’ll have the chance to ask your own questions during the Q&A portion of the webinar.

Reserve your space now for know-how you can use to draft, negotiate and enforce better contracts, including:

  • Understanding the benefits of contracts—and how to maximize them
  • Tips on drafting and preparing contracts that serve your best interests
  • Strategies for negotiating the most advantageous terms and conditions
  • Understanding how to translate—and use—contract language in areas in such as warranty, intellectual property ownership, indemnification, payment, termination, and dispute resolution
  • How to monitor contract performance and enforce your contractual rights

Don’t miss this opportunity to let these two expert attorneys sharpen the skills you need to add greater value—and stronger protections—to every contract your association signs.

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Meet Your Webinar Leaders
Dorothy Deng
is a partner at the law firm Whiteford, Taylor & Preston, LLP.  She is a member of the firm’s nonprofit and association section, and has substantial experience in assisting nonprofit organizations and associations on a variety of legal issues, including governance, intellectual property, social media, general contract, and dispute resolutions.  Her publication includes “How associations can protect their content rights before going global”, “Association social media—is permission required to post user content?”, and “Are you complying the Canada’s new anti-spam rules?”

Megan Spratt
is an associate at Whiteford Taylor & Preston, LLP.  She counsels trade and professional associations, charitable entities, and other nonprofit organizations on a wide variety of legal matters, including tax, lobbying, regulatory compliance, merger, contract, and corporate issues. Her publications include “Automatic Renewal of Membership Dues and Recurring Credit Card Payment Laws” and “New Federal Guidance on Use of Criminal History in Hiring Decisions.”


Who Should Attend
This webinar is of value to all associations, nonprofits and association consulting firms. Attendees who will benefit most include:

  • CEOs and Executive Directors
  • In House Counsel
  • COOs
  • All staff who deal with contracts
  • Association Consultants
  • Association Attorneys

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