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02:00 PM ET
Metrics for Measuring and Marketing the Value of Your PAC Advocacy 1.5 CAE


02:00 PM ET
Meeting Membership Recruitment Benchmarks:
Strategies to Turbo-Charge Recruitment
Membership & Marketing 1.5 CAE


02:00 PM ET
Managing Your Members: Membership System Functionality and an Evaluation of Outsourcing Membership & Marketing 1 CAE
OnDemand Machine Learning 101 for Your Association: Get up to speed on
how this technology can help you segment your members, identify prospects and improve internal processes
OnDemand How to Phish Like the Bad Guys (OnDemand: Active for 12 months from 08.16.2018) Technology
OnDemand Cybersecurity Webinar Series - 2018 Technology
OnDemand Cybersecurity Webinar Series - 2018 Technology
OnDemand Cybersecurity Webinar Series - 2018 Technology
OnDemand How to Phish Like the Bad Guys (OnDemand: Active for 12 months from 08.16.2018) Technology
OnDemand How to Incorporate Your Organization’s Goals and Values into
Your Investment Portfolio
OnDemand 5 Keys to Association Website Success in 2018 and Beyond Membership & Marketing
OnDemand Campaign Finance 101:
Navigating the Rules for Associations and Corporations
OnDemand Cutting Through the Clutter:
Digital Advocacy Strategies from Successful Brands
OnDemand Uniform Guidance- Back to Basics (In Partnership with Thompson Grants) Grants
OnDemand Experiential Event Design for Your Next Conference Meetings
OnDemand UBIT: What Every Nonprofit Needs to Know about
Sponsorships, Advertising, Royalties and Cause Marketing
Finance, CEO
OnDemand Let's Finally Put Marketing Automation to Work Membership & Marketing
OnDemand PAC 101 - Strategies for the 2018 Midterms Advocacy
OnDemand The Mystery of Government Relations Compensation Revealed:
An Analysis of the Government Relations Industry Compensation Report
OnDemand Blockchain for Associations: Sorting Hype from Reality to Identify Long-term Potential Technology
OnDemand The LD-203 Filing Boot Camp 2018 Advocacy
OnDemand Ecosystem Mapping: How to Discover
New Customers, Partners and Revenues
Finance, CEO
OnDemand Understanding Congress--
Using 2017 Vote Ratings to Enhance Your 2018 Advocacy Strategy
OnDemand Savings without Sacrifice:
Secrets for Cutting Back Office Costs
OnDemand Keeping Your Members on Board:
Techniques and Strategies for Successful Member Retention
Membership & Marketing
OnDemand From DATA Act to GREAT Act —
Transforming Federal Grant Reporting
OnDemand Will Your Code of Ethics Get Your Association in Trouble? Membership & Marketing
OnDemand Mapping Your Membership Journey:
Creating a Member-Centric Tool to Boost Retention
Membership & Marketing
OnDemand Before, During And After—
Successful Strategies for Congressional Meetings
OnDemand Selecting Your Perfect Learning Management System Technology
OnDemand Conquering the Craze:
8 Marketing Trends That Will Take Off By 2020
Membership & Marketing
OnDemand Data Driven Decision Making:
An Evidence-Based Approach to Managing Your Association
OnDemand Diagnosing the Top Influence Campaign
Mistakes & How to Avoid Them
OnDemand Keeping the Taxman at Bay in 2018 –
Compliance Strategies for 501(c) Organizations
OnDemand Associations and the Broken Higher Education System:
The case for Increasing Membership Through Professional Development
OnDemand Strategies for Improving Organizational Culture:
Everything From Setting Effective Expectations to Conducting Performance Metrics Evaluations
Human Resources
OnDemand Tools for Effective Benchmarking: How to Properly
Measure Your Association’s Success
OnDemand Reinventing Your Association Magazine Membership & Marketing
OnDemand Growing Membership in the Digital Age –
Membership Marketing Program Best Practices
Membership & Marketing
OnDemand Thinking of Changing Your AMS?
5 Key Guidelines You Must Consider First
OnDemand Building Strategic Online Communities:
Creating Member Value & High Operational Impact
Membership & Marketing
OnDemand Tax Reform for Nonprofit Organizations –
What We Know So Far About the New Tax Cuts and Jobs Act
OnDemand Getting to Why: Establishing Trust and
Buy-In During AMS Implementation
OnDemand Connected PACs in 2018:
Understanding PAC Compliance and Communication Issues
OnDemand Virtual Reality and Associations:
Strategies for Utilizing Emerging Technology to Increase Membership, Non-Dues Revenue, and More
OnDemand Your Association’s Employee Handbook:
Critical Risk Reduction and Legal Policy Outlines
Human Resources
OnDemand GDPR – the Key Principles, Implications, and
Expected Impact on Tax Exempt Organizations in the U.S.
OnDemand What About Micro-credentialing:
Which Model (If Any) is Right for You?
OnDemand Refreshing Your PAC Pitch for the 2018 Mid-Term Elections:
Strategies for PAC Fundraising and Compliance
OnDemand Bitcoin, Blockchain & Cryptocurrencies:
What are they and how will they affect your association?
OnDemand The LD-203 Filing Boot Camp-2018 Advocacy
OnDemand The Anticipatory Finance Professional:
The Hard Trends of Technology, Predictable Problems and Related Opportunities
OnDemand Everything You Should Know
About Pricing in Your Association
Membership & Marketing
OnDemand Chapters vs. National: Combat the Conflict Membership & Marketing
OnDemand Stand Out: Turning Your Continuing
Education into a Competitive Advantage
OnDemand Preventing Workplace Harassment and Discrimination:
An HR Risk Management Webinar for Associations
Human Resources
OnDemand The Legal Aspects of Certification Organizations Education