If you have dirty, duplicated or outdated member data - you need Bumblebee. It's a brand-new solution addressing an age-old problem: What to do about dirty data.

I Have a Data Challenge... HELP!


Bumblebee automates data transformation and cleansing activities while using data science to provide fast and accurate duplicate identification and record matching.

Bumblebee transforms your data in four key ways:

  • Duplication ID & Matching Bumblebee's sophisticated matching technology analyzes your data to identify duplicates and return predicted matches with shared group ID, a confidence score, and a single record flagged as the "Queen Bee" or primary record saving you countless hours in the merging process. No more reading through each duplicate to see which is best.
  • Standardization Where possible, your data is transformed to conform to the most commonly used formats existing in your data including, cASe, state, postal code, country and phone number.
  • Data Cleansing Leading/trailing white spaces and leading punctuation are removed, leading zeroes are appended to US postal codes, and invalid data. (e.g. emails without '@', URLs having 'wwww', phones/zips without required numeric characters, etc.) are flagged.
  • Email & Postal Validation Emails undergo validation testing and are flagged with a risk score. Postal addresses are passed through deliverability & change of address databases for US and Canada to identify address corrections and append mailability scores.


You may be performing some level of data hygiene and deduplication manually but Bumblebee makes that work so much easier.

  • COMPREHENSIVE approach to tackling data hygiene: email & postal validation, deduplication and standardization all in one pass.
  • SOPHISTICATED matching technology identifies duplicates and matches records across data silos with greater accuracy than conventional data matching approaches.
  • THE QUEEN BEE RECORD determines which record in a set of duplicates should be considered the “best” saving you countless comparison hours.
  • FAST & SCALABLE turnaround, returning clean data in just 5 business days. Able to handle small, medium, and large datasets due to Bumblebee’s automated approach.
  • PLATFORM AGNOSTIC philosophy means that Bumblebee can be leveraged on any dataset.
The queen bee record determines which record in a set of duplicates should be considered the “best” saving you countless comparison hours.


  • IMMEDIATE OPERATIONAL SAVINGS no more wasted direct mail dollars and bloated data storage rates.
  • BETTER ENGAGEMENT by cleaning out junk emails and duplicated records you will see an immediate boost in your engagement scores. Great for associations with digital advertising revenue.
  • BETTER MEMBER RELATIONSHIPS show your members you care by maintaining the correct information on their profiles and avoid those dreaded double email and direct mail outreaches that leave you looking disconnected and disorganized.
  • INFORMED DECISION MAKING utilizing accurate data in your analytics-driven decision making ensures you’re making the most informed choices

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