Association Credit Card Fraud Prevention and PCI Compliance



Fraud – It’s Your Nightmare:  Today you need to explain to your constituents – CEO, Board, Finance Committee, Members – that your Association took a financial hit because fraud was committed under your watch

Associations and Not-For-Profit Organizations are increasingly at risk for credit card fraud.  The frequency of occurrence is also growing at an exponential rate.  Why should you care about that? 


Here are some major reasons:

  • Your Reputational Risk:  negative publicity with your Board and Members for having had a financial loss through fraud.
  • Your Operational Risk:  closure of your merchant services account for a time period which will shut down your ability to generate revenue and/or donations through Visa/MasterCard, AMEX, Discover card acceptance (Business Interruption).
  • Your Compliance Risk:  failure to be in PCI Compliance can result in your organization being more vulnerable to data breaches that impact more than just customer credit card data, think personal data or other sensitive information.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure as the saying goes.

Download this 5-part article series on Association Credit Card Fraud Prevention and PCI Compliance which explains in layman’s terms how you can protect your Association from being the next victim. 

The 5-part article series covers: Carding Fraud, Internal Fraud involving compromised Credit Card data, PCI Compliance in plain English, Detecting/Preventing Fraudulent Credit Card Purchases, Summary of Best Practices.

Each article outlines simple and immediate steps you can take to significantly reduce the risk of credit card fraud being committed against your Association. Don’t let this happen under your watch.

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