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Strategic PAC Audits—From Recognizing Red Flags to
Enhancing the PAC Reporting Process

Webinar • Tuesday, October 01, 2019 • 2:00 - 3:00 PM ET | Qualifies for 1 CAE credit


Is your PAC audit currently a nerve-racking, stressful ordeal?  It doesn’t need to be!

With the right planning and proactive steps, you can know ahead of time what to expect and be prepared for what’s required.  You can even use that audit to improve—and simplify— your PAC reporting process.

This upcoming webinar shows you how.

Register now for Strategic PAC Audits: From Recognizing Red Flags to Enhancing the PAC Reporting Process.

This 60-minute webinar helps take the stress out of PAC audits with preparation and planning tips from PAC audit veterans: CPA Mike McCauley and Ellie Shaw, director of federal government affairs at American Express.

What to expect and how to prepare.  You’ll learn about all aspects of PAC audits, audit services and steps you can take now to be ready. You’ll receive a take-away of audit preparation tips you can start using immediately. Plus, you’ll have the chance to ask your own questions during the Q&A portion of the webinar.

Reserve your space now to take the pain out of your next audit, including:

  • Learn how to spot red flags regarding PAC activity before they become reporting issues
  • Understand internal controls as they relate to PAC activity
  • Understand your PAC audit and what it provides
  • Determine if your organization could benefit from an audit
  • How to appropriately respond inquiries made by the Federal Election Commission

Remember, audits play a key role in protecting PACs and their officers from corporate and personal liability.  Don’t miss this opportunity to learn how to plan and prepare so audits go smoothly and actually benefit your PAC.

Register now for Strategic PAC Audits: From Recognizing Red Flags to Enhancing the PAC Reporting Process.

Meet Your Webinar Leaders

Mike McCauley, CPA has been in public practice since 1993. He holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Accounting from the University of Utah and a Master of Professional Accountancy from Weber State University.  He holds a license to practice from the State of Utah.  Mike's Career has included performing multiple  audits of a variety of entities including publicly held corporations, large membership organizations & privately held companies.  He spent much of his professional career as a senior manager for a large, national firm which duties included evaluation of internal controls and effects on related reporting risks for clients.  During that time, he was one of the firms national instructors working  to develop senior level staff at evaluating internal controls as they related to audit failures.  in 1999, He was introduced to the regulated community through a firm acquisition and tasked with the responsibility of understanding the reporting obligations of campaign committees, state parties and connected and non-connected committees( PAC's).  He served as Treasurer for the Utah Republican Party from 1999 to 2013 and has been treasurer for countless federal & state campaigns committees across the country. He started his own practice in 2005 to focus specifically on the specialized accounting & tax needs of connected and non-connected committees (PAC's) and campaign committees at both the federal & state levels.    He is an Active member of the AIPCA and is the Government Relations member for the UACPA.  He is also an associate member of the Certified Fraud Examiners Association.

Ellie Shaw is director, federal government affairs at American Express. She is responsible for the American Express Company’s political education and involvement programs including the company’s political action committee (PAC) and grassroots. During her time at American Express, she has doubled the annual receipts for AXP PAC; directed grassroots and grasstops strategy; developed internal communication updates on the company’s public policy issues; and created efficiencies while enhancing the company’s federal compliance policy, training and filing requirements. Ellie serves on the board of directors for the Public Affairs Council. Prior to joining American Express, she worked at Exelon Corporation and the Nuclear Energy Institute. In her free time, Ellie chairs the board of directors for the Public Leadership Education Network (PLEN). She co-chairs PAC PALS, a networking community for PAC professionals and is a member of Women in Government Relations. In addition, has gained significant experience leading all communications, social media and website activities for the church she attends. Ellie is regarded as an advisor, speaker, facilitator and mentor on political involvement best practices.

Who Should Attend

This webinar is of value to all types of organizations that come in contact with PACs, especially lobbying and law firms, PACs, associations, businesses connected with PACs, government relations firms, and think tanks. Attendees who will benefit most include:

  • PAC Managers
  • PAC Directors
  • PAC Treasurers
  • PAC Chairs
  • Vice Presidents
  • Government Affairs Personnel

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