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The Future of Office Space: A Financial, Organizational, and Operational Strategic Playbook

Webinar • Tuesday, January 26, 2021 • 2:00 - 3:00 PM ET | Qualifies for 1 CAE


The real estate decision-making process can be complex, especially during these unprecedented times. How are you taking advantage of financial, operational and organizational opportunities to position your Association for long-term success during these uncertain times?  One thing we know for certain: the role of the office will never be the same post-COVID-19. However, there are ways for companies to improve their current real estate situation - looking forward, aligning your office space design to new workstyles and processes will successfully influence your corporate culture and reduce your operating expenses.

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During this session, industry experts will discuss:  

  • How to design offices for the future to best fit the needs of remote, in-office and hybrid workforces
  • How to avoid making costly investments that may have a negative impact on your organization’s culture and business operations
  • Understanding what data you need to gather to make proactive and informed decisions
  • Uncover strategies to save money over the long-term of your lease

Reserve your space now to join the discussion to discover recommendations for:

  • Reducing long-term real estate and operational costs
  • Aligning office space and new work processes 
  • Elevating and perpetuating culture in the hybrid work environment 

A strategic plan will determine the optimal real estate solutions for your short, mid and long-term goals. Start asking questions and engage your staff to understand how you can best utilize your office space and resources moving forward.

This webinar will assist you in creating an effective office environment centered around collaboration, trust and creativity that also reduces real estate costs laying a strong foundation for your organization’s future.

Register now for The Future of Office Space: A Financial, Organizational, and Operational Strategic Playbook

Meet Your Webinar Leaders

Eric West is a founding principal of a boutique real estate advisory firm, West, Lane & Schlager Realty Advisors, LLC, specializing in tenant representation for associations, nonprofits, foundations and non-governmental organizations. Eric has earned a reputation as a strategic market expert, creative negotiator, and leader in nonprofit tenant representation throughout his 30-year career in commercial real estate.  


Roger Sola-Sole

Roger has focused his career on architectural interiors and workplace design. With a background in architectural history and theory, Roger brings a holistic approach to the design process. Roger is an expert at establishing conceptual priorities and optimizing tasks to facilitate excellent design, cost effectiveness and timely completion. He and his sshape team have a proven track record of success providing creative design solutions for clients of all types and sizes, and this success is due to their ability to collaborate with both the client and all team members. Roger understands how to take complex problems and simplify them into manageable steps, making him an excellent team leader. This leadership ability is enhanced by extensive knowledge of innovative office concepts, designs for mobile workforce and high-performance workplace solutions.

Jennifer Olson

At KGO, Jennifer is responsible for the strategic vision and leadership of workplace strategy, change management, and HQ projects. Her superior communication skills enable her to thrive in building successful cross-functional teams and long-term client relationships. With her MBA focused on Management and Leadership, Jennifer’s expertise in transformational leadership allows her to navigate complex situations and turn them into clear, focused strategies that empower organizations to achieve their business objectives. Jennifer is an experienced leader, public speaker, mentor, coach, and adjunct professor.

Who Should Attend

  • CFOs
  • CEOs
  • Operations Directors
  • HR Directors

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CAE Credits: All live webinar attendees are eligible for 1 CAE credit hours. Association TRENDS is a CAE Approved Provider. Our programs meet the requirements for fulfilling the professional development requirements to earn or maintain the Certified Association Executive credential. We will maintain records of your participation in accord with CAE policies. For more information about the CAE credential or Approved Provider program, please visit

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