December 18, 2017

    Association TRENDS keeps senior association executives informed with essential news, developments and insights that ensure they stay up to date, avoid problems and take advantage of opportunities in the association world.

    Founded in 1973 by the late Frank Martineau and his daughter, TRENDS is seriously useful, to the point and straightforward. The weekly online publication contains actionable alerts for key legal or administrative dangers and opportunities as well as information about senior executive moves and changes. TRENDS also includes features such as TRENDS Attends to brief you on association meetings you were unable to attend. The monthly, print TRENDS, as well as the online archive, provides additional reference material on best practices as well as deep, proprietary TRENDS research about the industry. Our industry specific reports include:

    • The Association CEO Compensation Report

    • Nonprofit Compensation Report, which tracks comparative pay for more than 100 nonprofit job positions

    • Financial & Operational Excellence (FOX) Report

    • CEO Recruitment Report

    Readers of Association TRENDS, which is often called "the bible of the association community," include senior association executives, chamber of commerce executives, meeting planners, nonprofit legal and accounting experts, convention and visitors bureau directors and industry suppliers of all types. (The association market consumes more than $400 billion of goods and services annually, and includes more than 20,000 associations across the country, but with about 80 percent of headquarters in the  Washington, Chicago, New York and San Francisco metro areas.)

    In addition, Associations TRENDS sponsors the All Media Contest, an annual contest for association media; and honors the "Association Executive of the Year" at the Salute to Excellence every February in Washington. Since 1982, when James P. Low, CAE, was named, there have been 38 Association Executives of the Year. Recent honorees include:

    2017- Dawn Sweeney, CEO, National Restaurant Association
    2016- Jay Timmons, CEO, National Association of Manufacturers
    2014 - Susan K. Neely, CAE, American Beverage Association
    2013 – John H. Graham IV, CAE, ASAE: The Center for Association Leadership
    2012 - Gary LaBranche, CAE, Association for Corporate Growth
    2011 - Barry Melancon, CPA, American Institute of CPAs

    TRENDS also selects a Vendor of the Year, Young & Aspiring Association Professionals, and Leading Association Lobbyists, for which nominees are welcome at any time.

    Publisher's Note:
    At Association TRENDS, we promise to provide:
    – Concise, relevant news of concern to you and the association community.
    – Practical, timely, actionable information to help you deal with the challenges you face.
    – A deep, insightful toolbox of resources to help you pursue your goals of organizational excellence, based on proprietary research, as well as marshalling the best that is available within the community.

    We will continue to reach out to you for your feedback, suggestions and ideas. Thank you for the support you have given us as TRENDS moves forward with you.

    Emily Howard, Publisher, Association TRENDS

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