November 23, 2017

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    CDMA Chain Drug Marketing Association
    CDPB California Dried Plum Board
    CDPB California Dried Plum Board
    CDPWS Chemical Dependency Professionals of Washington State
    CDS Community Development Society
    CDSA Content Delivery and Storage Association
    CDSA Content Delivery and Security Association
    CDSA California Disability Services Association
    CDSS Country Dance and Song Society of America
    CDTOA California Dump Truck Owners Association
    CDVCA Community Development Venture Capital Alliance
    CEA Correctional Education Association
    CEA California Employers Association
    CEA California Escrow Association
    CEA Connecticut Education Association
    CEA Consumer Electronics Association
    CEA County Executives of America
    CEA College English Association
    CEA Coal Exporters Association of the U.S.
    CEA Colorado Education Association
    CEA-1 Correctional Education Association - Region 1
    CEAC California Employer Advisory Council
    CEAC County Engineers Association of California
    CEAI Christian Educators Association International
    CEAM County Engineers Association of Maryland
    CEAO County Engineers Association of Ohio
    CEASD Conference of Educational Administrators of Schools and Programs for the Deaf
    CEASD Conference of Educational Administrators of Schools and Programs for the Deaf
    CEB Council on Employee Benefits
    CEC Council for Exceptional Children
    CEC Cryogenic Engineering Conference
    CECA Carolinas Electrical Contractors Association
    CECPR Council for Professional Recognition
    CED Council on Education of the Deaf
    CEDIA Custom Electronic Design and Installation Association
    CEDS Council for Educational Diagnosticians
    CEE Conference on English Education
    CEEC Corporate Environmental Enforcement Council
    CEF Creative Education Foundation
    CEFPI Council of Educational Facility Planners International
    CEHA California Environmental Health Association
    CEI Computer Ethics Institute
    CEIA Cooperative Education and Internship Association
    CEIR Center for Exhibition Industry Research
    CEL Council for Ethical Leadership
    CEL Conference on English Leadership
    CELA Council of Educators in Landscape Architecture
    CELA California Employment Lawyers Association
    CEMA Connecticut Energy Marketers Association
    CEMA Connecticut Educational Media Association


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