December 16, 2017

Acronym Index - Search Results

    Acronym Organization Name Website
    CCEO Chamber of Commerce Executives of Ohio
    CH Capital Health
    CADA Colorado Athletics Directors Association
    CAPOW Community Alliance of Providers of Wisconsin
    CWONJ Car Wash Operators of New Jersey
    CEEC Corporate Environmental Enforcement Council
    CHPA Combat Helicopter Pilots Association
    COCRA California Official Court Reporters Association
    CASL California Association of Student Leaders
    CACEO California Association of Code Enforcement Officers
    CMIA Community Managers International Association
    CIC Carpenters Industrial Council
    CNJSCL The Council of New Jersey State College Locals
    CHC Community Health Charities of America
    CCP Connecticut Council for Philanthropy
    CNJG Council of New Jersey Grantmakers
    CSAPN Colorado Society of Advanced Practice Nurses
    CTAPRNS Connecticut Advanced Practice Registered Nurse Society
    CALMS California Lake Management Society
    CHFA Colorado Hay and Forage Association
    CHC California Community Health Charities of California
    CHC Community Health Charities Colorado
    CHCMD Community Health Charities of Maryland
    CHC-NCA Community Health Charities of the National Capital Area
    CHCI Community Health Charities Iowa
    CHC-KS/MO Community Health Charities of Kansas & Missouri
    CHCMI Community Health Charities of Michigan
    CHC-NY Community Health Charities of New York
    CHC-OH Community Health Charities of Ohio
    CHC-OR Community Health Charities of Oregon
    CHCTN Community Health Charities of Tennessee
    CHC Community Health Charities of Texas
    CHCWA Community Health Charities of Washington State
    CHCWI Community Health Charities of Wisconsin
    CCHA Central College Health Association
    CSHRM California Society for Healthcare Risk Management
    CHARM Colorado Healthcare Associated Risk Managers
    CSHRM Connecticut Society for Healthcare Risk Managers
    CTABT Connecticut Association of Biology Teachers
    CMA California Monument Association
    CSROA California School Resource Officers' Association
    CDPWS Chemical Dependency Professionals of Washington State
    CETA California Educational Theatre Association
    CADM Chicago Association of Direct Marketing
    CT NOFA Connecticut NOFA
    CASE Council of Administrators of Special Education
    CAMP California Association of Mortgage Professionals
    CSFF Commercial Space Flight Federation
    CBTA Colorado Biology Teachers Association
    CalABT California Association of Biology Teachers


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