November 23, 2017

Acronym Index - Search Results

    Acronym Organization Name Website
    MRA Missouri Restaurant Association
    MSPE Missouri Society of Professional Engineers
    MSMA Missouri State Medical Association
    MSTA Missouri State Teachers Association
    MAR Montana Association of REALTORS
    MEDA Midwest Equipment Dealers Association
    MSCC Maine State Chamber of Commerce
    MEC Mississippi Economic Council - The State Chamber of Commerce
    MCC Maryland Chamber of Commerce
    MCCI Missouri Chamber of Commerce and Industry
    MSA Midwest Sign Association
    MIAFLCIO Michigan State AFL-CIO
    MNAFL-CIO Minnesota AFL-CIO
    MOAFL-CIO Missouri AFL-CIO
    MASC Municipal Association of South Carolina
    MCAC Mason Contractors Association of Connecticut
    MBA Maine Bankers Association
    MMTA Maine Motor Transport Association
    MFPC Maine Forest Products Council
    MSA Maine Snowmobile Association
    MSNA Maine State Nurses Association
    MSEA Maine State Employees Association
    MEA Maine Education Association
    MAB Maine Association of Broadcasters
    MCA Maine Chiropractic Association
    MCCA Maine County Commissioners Association
    MPA Maine Principals' Association
    MGA Maine Grocers Association
    MMA Maine Medical Association
    MOA Maine Osteopathic Association
    MLP Associated Landscape Contractors of Massachusetts
    MATA Massachusetts Academy of Trial Attorneys
    MBC Massachusetts Building Congress
    MCS Massachusetts Chiropractic Society
    MC-ACS American College of Surgeons - Massachusetts Chapter
    MFBF Massachusetts Farm Bureau Federation, Inc.
    MFA Massachusetts Food Association
    MARILN Massachusetts/Rhode Island League for Nursing
    MPA Massachusetts Police Association
    MMA Massachusetts Municipal Association
    MPS Massachusetts Psychiatric Society
    MPHA Massachusetts Public Health Association
    MSADA Massachusetts State Automobile Dealers Association
    MTA Massachusetts Teachers Association
    MPhA Massachusetts Pharmacists Association
    MACTA The Mid-America Cable Show
    MSV Medical Society of Virginia
    MTA Mid-West Truckers Association
    MAI Management Association of Illinois


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