November 21, 2017

Acronym Index - Search Results

    Acronym Organization Namesort descending Website
    MAAF Maine Association of Agricultural Fairs
    MAB Maine Association of Broadcasters
    MEACC Maine Association of Conservation Commissions
    MACD Maine Association of Conservation Districts
    MAND Maine Association of Naturopathic Doctors
    MANP Maine Association of Nonprofits
    MEAPA Maine Association of Physician Assistants
    MAPP Maine Association of Psychiatric Physicians
    MAR Maine Association of REALTORS
    MASL Maine Association of School Libraries
    MASAP Maine Association of Substance Abuse Programs
    MARA Maine Auto Recyclers Association
    MADA Maine Automobile Dealers Association
    MBA Maine Bankers Association
    MBWDA Maine Beer and Wine Distributors Association
    MSDA Maine Beverage Association
    MECOA Maine Campground Owners Association
    MCOPA Maine Chiefs of Police Association
    MCCDA Maine Child Care Directors Association
    MCA Maine Chiropractic Association
    MCCA Maine Clinical Counselors Association
    MCAA Maine Community Action Association
    MCCA Maine County Commissioners Association
    MECUL Maine Credit Union League
    MDNC/MDPB Maine Dairy and Nutrition Council/Maine Dairy Promotion Board
    MDA Maine Dental Association
    MDF Maine Development Foundation
    MDA Maine Dietetic Association
    MEA Maine Education Association
    MEMA Maine Energy Marketers Association
    MFBA Maine Farm Bureau Association
    MFPC Maine Forest Products Council
    MFDA Maine Funeral Directors Association
    MGCSA Maine Golf Course Superintendents Association
    MGA Maine Grocers Association
    MGWA Maine Ground Water Association
    MHCA Maine Health Care Association
    MHC Maine Hospice Council
    MHA Maine Hospital Association
    MEIA Maine Innkeepers Association
    MIAA Maine Insurance Agents Association
    MIDA Maine Interior Design Association
    MITC Maine International Trade Center
    MeLNA Maine Landscape and Nursery Association
    MLA Maine Library Association
    MLA Maine Lobsterman's Association
    Maine MEP Maine Manufacturing Extension Partnership
    MMTA Maine Marine Trade Association
    MMA Maine Medical Association
    MEMHCA Maine Mental Health Counselors Association


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