December 15, 2017

Acronym Index - Search Results

    Acronymsort descending Organization Name Website
    MRTFC Manufacturers of Rough Terrain Forklifts Council
    MRVDA Maryland Recreational Vehicle Dealers Association
    MRWA Missouri Rural Water Association
    MRWA Minnesota Rural Water Association
    MRWA Maine Rural Water Association
    MRWA Michigan Rural Water Association
    MRWA Maryland Rural Water Association
    MRWS Montana Rural Water Systems Association
    MS Manuscript Society
    MS The Manuscript Society
    MS IEEE Magnetics Society
    MS-ACTE Association for Career and Technical Education - Mississippi Chapter
    MS-ASA American Subcontractors Association of Mississippi
    MSA Massachusetts Sheriffs' Association
    MSA Maine Staffing Association
    MSA Missouri Sheriffs Association
    MSA Massachusetts Society of Anesthesiologists
    MSA Mississippi Soybean Association
    MSA Midwest Sign Association
    MSA Minnesota Sheriffs' Association
    MSA Microscopy Society of America
    MSA Maryland Sign Association
    MSA Maryland Society of Accountants
    MSA Middle States Association of Colleges & Schools
    MSA Mineralogical Society of America
    MSA Maryland Sheriffs Association
    MSA Michigan Soybean Association
    MSA Michigan Society of Anesthesiologists
    MSA Massachusetts Staffing Association
    MSA CPA Manufacturing Services Association
    MSA Metaphysical Society of America
    MSA Michigan Sheriffs' Association
    MSA Museum Store Association
    MSA Maine Snowmobile Association
    MSA Mycological Society of America
    MSA Missouri Soybean Association
    MSA Missouri Society of Accountants
    MSAA Minnesota State Auctioneers Association
    MSAA Michigan State Auctioneers Association
    MSABSE Maryland Alliance of Black School Educators
    MSACC American College of Cardiology - Mississippi Chapter
    MSACCA National After School Association - Maryland Chapter
    MSADA Massachusetts State Automobile Dealers Association
    MSAE Maryland Society of Association Executives
    MSAE Midwest Society of Association Executives
    MSAE Michigan Society of Association Executives
    MSAE Mississippi Society of Association Executives
    MSAE Montana Society of Association Executives
    MSAE Missouri Society of Association Executives
    MSANI Minnesota State Association of Narcotic Investigators


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