December 14, 2017

Acronym Index - Search Results

    Acronym Organization Name Website
    OSBA Ohio State Bar Association
    OSB Oregon State Bar
    OHACEP American College of Emergency Physicians - Ohio Chapter
    OAL Optometry Association of Louisiana
    OREC Ohio Rural Electric Cooperatives
    OSAE Ohio Society of Association Executives
    OSCA Ohio State Chiropractic Association
    OPA Ohio Pharmacists Association
    OTA Ohio Telecom Association
    OTAA Ohio Tire & Automotive Association
    OVMA Ohio Veterinary Medical Association
    OTA Ohio Trucking Association
    OAR Oklahoma Association of REALTORS
    OBA Oklahoma Bankers Association
    ODA Oklahoma Dental Association
    OCFA Oklahoma Consumer Finance Association
    OGFA Oklahoma Grain and Feed Association
    OHA Oklahoma Hospital Association
    OARF Ohio Association of Rehabilitation Facilities
    OH&LA Oklahoma Hotel and Lodging Association
    OPGA Oklahoma Propane Gas Association
    OAFP Ohio Academy of Family Physicians
    OLA Oklahoma Library Association
    OAESA Ohio Association of Elementary School Administrators
    OMBA Oklahoma Malt Beverage Association
    OPhA Oklahoma Pharmacists Association
    OOA Oklahoma Osteopathic Association
    OWMA Ohio Wholesale Marketers Association
    OPEA Oklahoma Public Employees Association
    OPA Oklahoma Press Association
    OSCPA Oklahoma Society of Certified Public Accountants
    OGA Oklahoma Grocers Association
    OSPE Oklahoma Society of Professional Engineers
    OAHCP Oklahoma Association of Health Care Providers
    OSHBA Oklahoma State Home Builders Association
    OVMA Oklahoma Veterinary Medical Association
    OKACTE Oklahoma Association of Career and Technology Education
    OADA Ohio Automobile Dealers Association
    OATRA Ohio Auto and Truck Recyclers Association
    OCA Ohio Cleaners Association
    OFSA Ohio Financial Services Association
    OCRM Ohio Council of Retail Merchants
    ODA Ohio Dental Association
    OAND Ohio Ohio Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics
    OEA Ohio Education Association
    OFA Ohio Florists Association
    OFDA Ohio Funeral Directors Association
    OABA Ohio AgriBusiness Association
    OGA Ohio Grocers Association


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