November 23, 2017

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    Acronym Organization Namesort descending Website
    SITA State Independent Telephone Association of Kansas
    SCADA State of California Auto Dismantlers Association
    SHOPO State of Hawaii Organization of Police Officers
    STRIMA State Risk and Insurance Management Association
    STAN State Troopers Association of Nebraska
    STFA State Troopers Fraternal Association of New Jersey
    SOBA States Organization for Boating Access
    STA Statewide Towing Association
    SSHSA Steamship Historical Society of America
    SDI Steel Deck Institute
    SDI Steel Door Institute
    SFNE Steel Fabricators of New England
    SFSA Steel Founders' Society of America
    SFA Steel Framing Alliance
    SJI Steel Joist Institute
    SMA Steel Manufacturers Association
    STI/SPFA Steel Plate Fabricators Association Division of STI/SPFA
    SRI Steel Recycling Institute
    SSCI Steel Shipping Container Institute
    STI Steel Tank Institute Division of STI/SPFA
    STI Steel Tube Institute of North America
    SWI Steel Window Institute
    SMA Storage Equipment Manufacturer's Association
    SAMA Strategic Account Management Association
    SCIP Strategic and Competitive Intelligence Professionals
    SMI Strategic Marketplace Initiative
    SRF Strategic Rail Finance
    SBCA Structural Building Components Association
    SEAoA Structural Engineers Association of Arizona
    SEAOC Structural Engineers Association of California
    SEAOI Structural Engineers Association of Illinois
    SIPA Structural Insulated Panel Association
    SREA Structural Roof Erectors Association
    SSRC Structural Stability Research Council
    SMA Stucco Manufacturers Association
    SDC Studebaker Drivers Club
    SCA Student Conservation Association
    SNMA Student National Medical Association
    SOMA Student Osteopathic Medical Association
    SYTA Student Youth and Travel Association
    SAMP Stuntmen's Association of Motion Pictures
    SWAMP Stuntwomen's Association of Motion Pictures
    SAA Subcontractors Association of Alabama
    SADV Subcontractors Association of Delaware Valley
    STA Subcontractors Trade Association
    STA-NY Subcontractors Trade Association - New York City
    SWPA Submersible Wastewater Pump Association
    SALIS Substance Abuse Librarians and Information Specialists
    SAPAA Substance Abuse Program Administrators Association
    SNA Suburban Newspapers of America


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