December 13, 2017

Acronym Index - Search Results

    Acronym Organization Namesort descending Website
    TWPA Texas Wheat Producers Board and Association
    TWGGA Texas Wine and Grape Growers Association
    TYLA Texas Young Lawyers Association
    TMFFC Texas-Mexican Frozen Food Council
    TAA Text and Academic Authors Association
    TBPA Textile Bag and Packaging Association
    TCATA Textile Care Allied Trades Association
    TFBPA Textile Fibers and By-Products Association
    TRSA Textile Rental Services Association of America
    TYAA Textured Yarn Association of America
    TARF The Advertising Research Foundation
    TAASRO The Alabama Association of School Resource Officers
    TAALS The American Association of Language Specialists
    TAANA The American Association of Nurse Attorneys
    TASDA The American Safe Deposit Association
    TACOS The Arizona Clinical Oncology Society
    TASP The Association for the Study of Play
    TASC The Association of Settlement Companies
    TCI The Catfish Institute
    TCH The Clearing House Association
    TEA The Employers Association
    TEI The Entrepreneurship Institute
    TFI The Fertilizer Institute
    TFB The Florida Bar
    TFF The Fragrance Foundation
    TGOA/MGCA The Gardeners of America/Men's Garden Clubs of America
    TGA-US The Glutamate Association (United States)
    THA The Hosiery Association
    TIACA The International Air Cargo Association
    TIAW The International Alliance for Women
    TIAFT The International Association of Forensic Toxicologists
    TICA The International Cat Association
    TIES The International Ecotourism Society
    TJC The Jockey Club
    TKGA The Knitting Guild Association
    TMS The Masonry Society
    TNNA The National NeedleArts Association
    TNS The Naturist Society
    TNG-CWA The Newspaper Guild
    TOS The Oceanography Society
    TPA The Payments Authority
    TPR The Philanthropy Roundtable
    TPF The Poultry Federation
    TRI The Refractories Institute
    TRI The Remanufacturing Institute
    TREA The Retired Enlisted Association
    TSA The Salon Association
    TSI The Sulphur Institute
    TI:ME The Technology Institute for Music Educators
    TFA The Texas Faculty Association


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