December 17, 2017

Acronym Index - Search Results

    Acronym Organization Name Website
    KCJEA Kentucky County Judge Executive Association
    ICA Idaho Cattle Association
    ILRA Idaho Lodging and Restaurant Association
    IPEA Idaho Public Employees Association
    IGPA Idaho Grain Producers Association
    IAHD Idaho Association of Highway Districts
    IBWDA Idaho Beer and Wine Distributors Association
    NHSBA New Hampshire School Boards Association
    NHFBF New Hampshire Farm Bureau Federation
    NASW-VT National Association of Social Workers - Vermont Chapter
    VBA Vermont Bankers Association
    AFT-NH American Federation of Teachers - New Hampshire
    VPA Vermont Psychological Association
    VSEA Vermont State Employees Association
    Vermont-NEA Vermont National Education Association
    AICUN Association of Independent Colleges and Universities of Nebraska
    CBPA California Business Properties Association
    CWGA California Wool Growers Association
    NLA Nebraska Library Association
    NNA Nebraska Nurses Association
    NPA Nebraska Pharmacists Association
    AAAAM Area Agencies on Aging Association of Michigan
    MAC Michigan Association of Chiropractors
    MASACA Michigan Association of Substance Abuse Coordinating Agencies
    MAC Michigan Association of Counties
    IAAM Independent Accountants Association of Michigan
    MiOTA Michigan Occupational Therapy Association
    CHC California Housing Council, Inc.
    CMBA California Mortgage Bankers Association
    MIM Masonry Institute of Michigan
    GOA Georgia Oilmen's Association
    CSDA California Special Districts Association
    CSSA California State Sheriffs' Association
    PCOC Pest Control Operators of California
    KBA Kentucky Broadcasters Association
    KMA Kentucky Marina Association
    TNAO Tennessee Academy of Ophthalmology
    NYSAFC New York State Association of Fire Chiefs
    TOSS Tennessee Organization of School Superintendents
    NYLA New York Library Association
    TSEA Tennessee State Employees Association
    NYSRA New York State Restaurant Association
    TSPE Texas Society of Professional Engineers
    OAFP Oklahoma Academy of Family Physicians
    MMBA Maryland Mortgage Bankers Association
    OPBA Oklahoma Pawnbrokers Association
    MPHCC Maryland Plumbing, Heating & Cooling Contractors
    AIA-ND American Institute of Architects - North Dakota
    PTA Pennsylvania Tavern Association
    PACVB Pennsylvania Association of Convention and Visitors Bureaus


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