December 14, 2017

Acronym Index - Search Results

    Acronym Organization Name Website
    OBC Oregon Business Council
    CEA Connecticut Education Association
    CJA Connecticut Jewelers Association
    LeadingAge California
    ICAC International Chiropractors Association of California
    WCLBMA West Coast Lumber & Building Material Association
    CPDA California Public Defenders Association
    NACM National Association of Credit Management - Colorado
    RCAC Roofing Contractors Association of California
    CIHC California Industrial Hygiene Council
    CWC California Walnut Commission
    CREA Colorado Rural Electric Association
    ECEA Early Childhood Education Association of Colorado
    TACA Tennessee Association of Community Action
    TECA Tennessee Electric Cooperative Association
    THCA Tennessee Health Care Association
    MEACC Maine Association of Conservation Commissions
    HAT Hospital Alliance of Tennessee
    TCA Tennessee Concrete Association
    TLA Tennessee Library Association
    HBAT Home Builders Association of Tennessee
    CRS California Radiological Society
    CCA California Cattlemen's Association
    CRCA Connecticut Roofing Contractors Association
    VAA Vermont Ambulance Association
    VTAJ Vermont Association for Justice
    CFCA California Fire Chiefs Association
    AGCVT Associated General Contractors of Vermont
    VPA Vermont Pharmacists Association
    WAMO Wisconsin Amusement and Music Operators, Inc.
    LAW Labor Association of Wisconsin
    TCGA Texas Cotton Ginners' Association
    TRA Texas Restaurant Association
    THLA Texas Hotel and Lodging Association
    Texas Council of Engineering Companies
    TAB Texas Association of Broadcasters
    TAB Texas Association of Builders
    BOAT Building Officials Association of Texas
    TSDA Texas Beverage Association
    TARA Texas Automotive Recycler's Association
    THAA Texas Hearing Aid Association
    TPPA Texas Public Power Association
    SWIA Southwestern Ice Association
    SCMLA The South Central Modern Language Association
    TPGA Texas Pecan Growers Association
    TEXPERS Texas Association of Public Employee Retirement Systems
    CPMA Colorado Podiatric Medical Association
    COA Colorado Outfitters Association
    WSAJ Washington State Association for Justice
    PSE Public School Employees of Washington


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