The 2022 Association CEO Report is now available!

A Detailed Study of Association CEO Compensation

Produced and prepared by experts with over 30 years of experience conducting association and nonprofit compensation studies, this annual salary survey is designed specifically for chief staff executives at associations across the country.

This CEO and Executive Director specific report will help you:

  • Determine how your association's executive compensation compares with others
  • Provide hard data to support decisions pertaining to:
    • Supplemental benefits
    • Healthcare plans
    • Retirement and life insurance plans
    • PTO and bonuses
    • Employment contracts and what to expect from the hiring process

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What does the full report include?

  • Analysis of over 2,000 associations' benefits and compensation practices nationwide
  • Compensation data and demographic benchmarks for thousands of trade and professional associations
  • A detailed executive benefits section, including:
    • Comprehensive medical, dental, vision, retirement, and life/disability insurance information for both the CEO and their dependents.
    • A detailed breakdown of executive leave policies, including both PTO and unpaid leave options.
    • Analyses of numerous travel and supplemental CEO benefits.
  • A comprehensive compensation section, including:
    • A deep-dive into CEO employment contract details and what to expect from the hiring process.
    • Information on what types of compensation other association CEOs receive, including salaries from subsidiaries and foundations, deferred compensation, and non-taxable benefits in addition to variable compensation and base salaries.
  • Analyses of Board of Directors practices not found anywhere else:
    • Detailed information on board member compensation practices.
    • Analyses of association Board of Directors executive decision-making power.
  • CEO compensation data sorted and comparable by type of association, including:
    • Revenue
    • Over 20 industries
  • Easy-to-use charts and graphs

The Association CEO Compensation Report gives association executives, association Board members, recruitment firms and HR professionals the knowledge of how competitive salaries are for top executives.

Association Industry Breakouts:

  • Agriculture
  • Business and Human Resources
  • Communication, Printing and Publishing
  • Construction
  • Cultural
  • Education
  • Environment
  • Finance, Banking, Insurance and Real Estate
  • Food, Hospitality, Entertainment and Tourism
  • Fraternal
  • General Merchandise, Advertising and Sales
  • Health
  • Manufacturing and Machinery
  • Natural Resources and Energy
  • Public, Special Interest, Humanitarian and Religious
  • Recreation, Leisure, Sports And Athletics
  • Science, Social Science and Technical
  • Legal

This necessary tool for CEOs and Executive Directors is key when negotiating current and future executive compensation packages. With the Association CEO Compensation Report, you'll learn:

  • Is your salary competitive within your benchmarked peer group?
  • What supplemental compensation could make the position more attractive to potential hires?
  • What benefits are frequently included in a compensation package for executives?
  • What is the median executive salary for your specific demographic information?
  • Information on competitive compensation contracts, severance pay and the scope of power for an executive.

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