December 17, 2017

Association Resources

    The following Web sites are online resources that people in associations (or those interested in them) can look to for practical guidance and networking purposes:

    General News and Information


    The American Society of Association Executives (ASAE) hosts this blog, taking a comprehensive look at the associations industry. Recent posts have focused on social media’s impact on associations, but the topics run the gamut. Features guest posts and is updated daily.

    Advocacy New Approaches

    Stephanie Vance's blog features tips for increasing involvement and success in advocacy. Entries also include links to other advocacy and nonprofit resources to reach government relations goals. Updated regularly.

    Association 2020

    Stuart Meyer’s blog, launched in August 2008, focuses on the future of associations with a strong emphasis on innovation. Recent entries focus on management, business models and association participation.

    Association Inc

    Kevin Holland takes his association management experience and relates it to tips involved in increasing membership, putting out successful marketing campaigns, and other general association advice. Updated on a semi-frequent basis (once a month).

    Beyond Certification

    Mickie Rops, who maintains an association consulting firm, discusses different aspects of association management. Updated weekly.

    BlogClump—Blogging About Associations from a Gen Xer

    Matt Baehr writes on all sorts of issues related to associations. Somel of the most recent entries involve interactions in his daily life (going to the bank) that relate to associations and the technology issues. Updated several times a week.

    CAE Weblog

    Updated news in the associations industry. Updated infrequently.

    Dear Association Leader

    Leipper Management uses the letter format to tell executive directors and chief executive officers how to make their associations better. DAL covers everything: finances, communications, membership, and general leadership tips. New “letters” are posted on Fridays.

    Diary of a Reluctant Blogger

    Maddie Grant writes on her association experience, especially its social media and web aspects. Updated frequently.

    Principled Innovation

    Jeff DeCagna, who is also a contributor for “We Have Always Done it That Way,” focuses on innovation in associations as well as the little quirks that appear in life (eco-hangers and the game Second Life as examples). The blog also includes podcasts and interviews. Updated a few times a month.

    Thanks for Playing

    Elizabeth Weaver Engel blogs daily on issues that impact associations, with a little personal flavor thrown in. Her entries on associations generally focus on social media and technology, but she also discusses the business aspects that impact associations, and also devoted several entries to thoughts on presentations at the ASAE annual meeting

    The Big Picture

    Based out of the Mississippi Hospital Association, The Big Picture looks at associations from a business aspect and also looks into communications issues impacting the industry. Updated on a relatively infrequent basis.

    The Sunlight Foundation

     The Sunlight Foundation's mission is to increase transparency in government, by examining influence in Washington. Members of the staff write on lobbying regulations, campaign finance and general transparency issues in the political process. Updated several times daily.

    Tradeshow Startup

    Tim Bourquin of TNC New Media relates some of his experiences and gives tips on putting together a trade show. Updates happen in bursts every couple of months.

    We Have Always Done it That Way

    Subtitled “101 Things that Associations Must Change,” the authors of this blog challenge the status quo by asking questions and suggesting better ways to accomplish tasks in the associations industry. Updated frequently.


    Wired 4 Leadership blog

    My goal is to share ideas and insights with leaders about what it means when you are responsible for followers. As Aaron McCoy over at Idealist Careers puts it, “Wired 4 Leadership has one goal: to help good leaders become great leaders.” - Kerry Stackpole, CEO, advisor, speaker, author and leader

    Young Association Professional

    Many of the blog entries on YAP focus on social media’s impact on associations and its role in marketing. Some recent entries focus on the impact on social media on association members and how it differs from the impact on the association and its staff from a business perspective.


    Association Marketing Springboard

    Lindy Dreyer’s blog focuses on marketing from the association’s standpoint. Recent entries discuss Google Grants, social media – with a heavy emphasis on Twitter, and biweekly idea bounce posts with links to what other association executives are saying about marketing.

    General Policy

    Capital Eye

     The Center for Responsive Politics publishes its newsletters on this page. The Capital Eye includes articles which look into the role of money in politics. Previous stories have focused heavily on the intersection of legislation and campaign support, including a prediction of the Final Four of the NCAA basketball tournament based on the amount each school in the Sweet Sixteen spent on lobbying, a look into the health care industry and how its lobbyists may have potential influence on the future of health care legislation. They also report on the “revolving door” of K St. professionals and Capitol Hill staffers frequently. The Capital Eye is daily, with the main blog updated frequently as well



    Blog that focuses on various aspects of associations—meetings, technology—with an overriding theme on communications. Updated several times a week.


    While NFI Studios is behind the networking software for associations called MemberFuse, the blog focuses specifically on social media and Web 2.0 and their links to the association world. Updated several times a month.

    NTEN Blog

    This blog, hosted by the Nonprofit Technology Network, covers many different topics related to technology that are encountered by nonprofit organizations. Posts on mobile advocacy, the latest Web 2.0 developments, and creative ways using technology for fundraising provide practical tips for nonprofits in how to use technology effectively. Updated daily.

    Wild Apricot

    The main focus of this blog is on technology and the Internet, and how to use it in associations. Although many of the entries are geared toward blogging in the non-profit sector, there is also information on online fundraising, social media, and other non-profit related issues. Updated frequently.



    Blog with a focus on conferences and social media. Updated frequently.

    Convention Insider

    While the most recent blog entries focus on the author’s experiences at a Las Vegas trade show, the blog also focuses on tips and advice for making a trade show exhibit or a convention a success. Updated frequently.


    Sue Pelletier of MeetingsNet covers everything meeting-related under the sun, including “unusual venues,” economic impacts on meeting attendance, and marketing. Updated frequently.


    The editors of Meetings: Minnesota’s Hospitality Journal write about travel, hotels, and the nuances of association office life. Updated frequently.

    My Las Vegas

    A Las Vegas resident and hospitality expert discusses her favorite restaurants and things to do in Las Vegas. Updated daily.

    Plan Your Meetings Blog

    A comprehensive look at all of the aspects which go into planning meetings. The authors offer many helpful tips and advice to pull off a meeting. Updated several times a month.

    Trade Show Promotion News

    Tips, news, and advice for trade show planners. Updated frequently.


    Membership Marketing Blog

    Marketing expert Tony Rossell writes on increasing and retaining membership in associations and marketing techniques to do so, using examples from different organizations. Updated weekly.

    Tourism and Hospitality

    Resources for Hospitality

    Patti Shock, a professor at University of Nevada-Las Vegas, writes about everything related to hospitality and meetings. Updated frequently.

    The CVBlog

    Although the CVB has not been updated since May 2006, each entry contains a review of a city’s Conventions and Visitors Bureau.

    The Tourism and Hospitality Diaries

    Although many of the entries on the blog focus on Dubai, there are also entries on the hospitality industry elsewhere. Job listings and links to articles on hospitality are also included. Updated frequently.

    Tourism Central Florida

    Written by the staff of the Orlando Sun-Sentinel, this blog focuses on all aspects of the tourism industry with a local angle in Orlando, home of Disney World, Sea World, and Universal Studios. Updated several times a day.

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