Nonprofit financial literacy for your Board is vital but is often lacking. This all new hybrid training program gives your board members year-round financial training they need.

What Is the Nonprofit Finance Training for Boards program?

Our Nonprofit Finance Training for Boards combines onsite, expert-led training with ongoing eLearning to strengthen Board members’ understanding of the unique financial structure of nonprofits and their individual roles and responsibilities in promoting the organization’s success. From accounting standards and reporting to spotting red flags (and healthy financial signs) in nonprofit financial statements, learners gain vital financial literacy—and more power to make a difference.

How Does the Training Program Work?

We will work with you to design a course that fits the unique needs of your board. We’ll send an expert onsite to train your board at your location or before your next board meeting. Your training will be professionally filmed and recorded and used to create a custom eLearning course for your use for one full year.

What’s Included?

  • Pre-Training Consultation with TRENDS Staff to Create Agenda
  • Expert-Led Onsite 1/2 Day Training
  • Professional Filming & Recording of Your Live Training
  • Training Materials for Attendees
  • Custom Branded eLearning Portal or Complete Files for your LMS
  • Up to 3 Custom Designed Online Training Modules

What Information Is Covered?

This unique learning experience is designed to ensure that board members understand nonprofit financial statements and are effective decision-makers for the organizations they serve. This course helps to eliminate time spent explaining terms, forms, and nonprofit tax rules during board meetings and builds a knowledge base that promotes sound oversite, investments, and financial decision-making.

Sessions Include:

  • Understanding Financial Statements (balance sheet, income, expense reports)
  • Reviewing/Understanding IRS Forms 990
  • Overview of Rules on restricted/unrestricted funds
  • Statement analysis
  • Financial indicators
  • Important compliance issues
  • Fiduciary responsibilities of the board
  • Myths surrounding nonprofit finance

We break down financial statements, terms and compliance issues so you can be sure that every member of your board has the same baseline of knowledge.

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