Our training team curates expert content to fit your every need. From training for boards on nonprofit finance to training the advocacy team on the best congressional communication practices, Association TRENDS can help you build a custom live or virtual training courses that arm your board, staff, and members on the most up-to-date practices and information.

Custom training on:

Nonprofit Finance
Our Nonprofit Finance Training for Boards- combines onsite, expert-led training with ongoing eLearning to strengthen Board members’ understanding of the unique financial structure of nonprofits and their individual roles and responsibilities in promoting the organization’s success. From accounting standards and reporting to spotting red flags (and healthy financial signs) in nonprofit financial statements, learners gain vital financial literacy—and more power to make a difference.

In the largest, most in-depth study of lobbying practices and how they are received on the Hill, George Mason University’s Antonin Scalia Law School and the publishers of the Original US Congress Handbook and Lobbyists.info have compiled inputs from over 2,200 lobbyists and 700 Congressional staffers to teach your advocacy team and members the best strategies for communicating with Congress. Let us bring the expert lessons Congressional Communications Report to you with Dr. Rehr, the architect of the 2017 report. Dr. Rehr is not only an expert researcher, he is also a former association executive with extensive experience working with elected officials. Dr. Rehr will review the report findings, answer questions and dive into the specifics of how your organization can better communicate with Congress.

Our training covers the shifting requirements for federal agencies, pass-throughs, recipients, and sub-recipients and addresses the most vexing challenges in grants development, management, and single audits. We break down the most complex and potentially confusing guidance and regulations issued by OMB, the Council on Financial Assistance Reform (COFAR), the Government Accountability Office (GAO), Treasury and all federal grant-making agencies, so you can take the steps needed to stay in compliance with the shifting sands of complicated, detailed rules that govern federal funding.

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