December 14, 2017
    Cadmus executive retreat educates on emerging publishing issues

    Associations should ensure they have the right legal language to protect their licensed programs through mobile delivery, or prepare for the consequence: someone could sell your association's material for their profit.

    Executives who attended the 2010 Cadmus Institute discussed this and other topics at the recent Executive Management Retreat in Baltimore. The overall theme was "Revitalizing your publishing program." Among the topics discussed by the executives were publishing outlook and trends, copyrights, hiring staff, growing membership and readership, and rights and permissions in mobile delivery.

    Scott Bain, chief litigation counsel for Software & Information Industry Association, Washington, noted that there are circumstances that make a transaction a "sale" even though your packaging might say "license," as set in Vernor v. Autodesk. Bain presented other cases that demonstrated the need for specific language. He said that many publishers are now revising licensing agreements for both print and electronic publications because of the new enforcement landscape.

    Susan Sarfati, CEO, High Performance Strategies, discussed "15+ Strategies & Tactics to Engage and Grow Members." Among her advice: be relevant, generous of spirit and make a difference. A focus on social responsibility is critical. Also, deliver the most exquisite, off the charts level of customer care. And, give away free stuff.

    Cadmus Institute was created to expand the knowledge of publishing executives. The Executive Management Retreat is designed to educate executives on issues such as emerging publishing options and the continued decline of advertising revenue, among other topics. Details:

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